Taxes, a throwing weapon for the 4-M

The Madrid pre-campaign has made use of the calculator in recent hours. This time it is not a matter of adding and subtracting deputies for possible agreements after elections, but of making real numbers, the kind that are noticed in the checking accounts of companies and citizens. And it is that fiscal policy has become … Read more

Chilean police investigate homicide of a Venezuelan in Santiago :: La Prensa de Lara

Agencies | THE PRESS OF LARA.- The Homicide Brigade of the Chilean Investigative Police (PDI) investigates the death of a young Venezuelan 25 years after being stabbed during Monday night in Santiago, Cooperativa review. The first information shows that this event, which began in Calle San Martín, occurred during a fight between two subjects – … Read more

Christopher Trimmel had his nose operated on – football

Christopher Trimmel, captain of the German Bundesliga club Union Berlin, had his nose straightened on Tuesday. The ÖFB legionnaire broke his nose in the 1-1 away draw at Bayern Munich in a duel with Kindsley Coman, but played the game to the end. On Tuesday, the operation finally followed in the Berlin Charité under general … Read more

Research reveals British strain of COVID is not as violent as you think – post today around the world

Research reveals British strain of COVID is not as severe as you think On April 13, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. Many were concerned when they discovered that the British strain of COVID had arrived in Thailand. But researchers argue that even easier to communicate. But does not affect the severity of the disease Ready to … Read more

700,000 confirmed cases worldwide are close to the highest level ever.

[이데일리 신수정 기자] The average value of new confirmed cases in the world for a week is approaching the highest point in the entire period of Corona 19. In the weekly average trend of corona confirmed cases around the world, written by the New York Times in the United States, 691,700 people were recorded on … Read more

Macaulay Culkin surprises with baby news – People

Macaulay Culkin became the father of a son for the first time. His name also has a very special meaning for the US actor. Macaulay Culkin (40), the former child star from the “Kevin” films, couldn’t be happier. His first son was born at the beginning of April. “We are overjoyed,” confirmed Culkin and his … Read more

Offer is available – Ljubicic soon in Champions League? – Soccer

Rapid captain Dejan Ljubicic is said to have received an offer from Eintracht Frankfurt. The Bundesliga team is on course for the Champions League. Rapid will lose its captain in the summer. That much is clear. Didi Kühbauer recently admitted this publicly. The 23-year-old’s contract is expiring. After almost ending up in the US MLS … Read more

Casablanca Stock Exchange: 34.4% drop in the profit pool of listed companies

Through Ismail Benbaba | the 04/12/2021 at 11:43 p.m. © Copyright : DR Kiosk 360. The coronavirus eroded the profit mass of listed companies in 2020. These companies are indeed recording a 34.4% drop in their profit mass. The health crisis has not spared companies listed on the Casablanca Stock Exchange. This is what reports … Read more

Celltrion challenged to enter China, must overcome local biopharmaceutical competition

[이데일리 왕해나 기자] We will again challenge the Chinese biosimilar market, which has been paused due to the spread of Corona 19. It is planning to maximize profits by expanding its territory to the Chinese market with great potential. According to Celltrion Group on the 12th, CEO Yoon Jeong-won left Celltrion on the 1st and … Read more

Too much diet… Be careful with these side effects

[이데일리 이순용 기자]Diet is often regarded as a’healthy colon’ that builds a strong body and enhances beauty effects. However, anything too much is poisonous. The same goes for diet. Rather, if you lose weight excessively, you are likely to be exposed to unexpected side effects. With the help of the 365mc Yeongdeungpo branch director for … Read more