Opinion: Telematic medicine becomes the great ally of the health sector to streamline consultations during the pandemic

🔊 Play COVID-19 has accelerated progress in the digital transformation processes of the healthcare sector, the advances that were expected in 3 years have happened in 3 months. According to the third edition of the Aegon Health and Lifestyle study, 7 out of 10 telemedicine users declare that it has been very useful to them. … Read more

Marketing: Best Practices Applicable to Referral Marketing

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Marketing: WhatsApp and Facebook acknowledge their “mistake”

Get the latest industry news delivered to your inbox: Subscribe ✉ 🔊 Play Perhaps one of the topics that gave the most to talk about in recent months was the announced change in WhatsApp policies, which did not go down well with users. The annoyance of various people responded to the fact that, according to … Read more

Marketing: This is what a “catalog of incentives” should include

🔊 Play The incentive catalog is one of the key tools in an incentive or motivation program. In many cases, the catalog will even be the main issue to promote the use and participation in a platform of this type. A very elaborate, attractive or creative mechanics is of little use if we do not … Read more

Marketing: Twitter looks to WhatsApp to launch new features

Get the latest industry news delivered to your inbox: Subscribe ✉ 🔊 Play In a change that was expected for several years now, it has now become apparent. Voice conversations have begun to gain relevance and although WhatsApp was a pioneer in this regard, now everything seems to indicate that more and more brands want … Read more

Digital transformation: Advance digital transformation to implement medicine

🔊 Play In order to carry out a correct implementation of personalized precision medicine (MPP), a greater commitment to digital transformation is necessary. The report ‘Proposal of recommendations for the digital transformation of the health system for the incorporation of Personalized Precision Medicine’, promoted by the Roche Institute Foundation, includes some of the principles on … Read more

How to overcome the perfect storm that hits physical stores

February 17, 2021 7 min read The opinions expressed by the collaborators of Entrepreneur they are personal. Undoubtedly the constant of business and entrepreneurship will always be change; However, after many months of social isolation and home office (and those that are missing) a change that we entrepreneurs must bring very much in mind lies … Read more

Marketing: Profile of young consumers of «mobile entertainment»

🔊 Play In 2020, mobile entertainment experienced one of its greatest periods of growth. This boom is explained, in part, by the increase in free time at home that brought with it confinement and the search for digital alternatives for leisure by users. In total, the year closed with worldwide profits of about $ 68.5 … Read more

Neuromarketing: Influence of hormones and neurotransmitters on human well-being

🔊 Play Hormones and neurotransmitters influence the function of other cells. Basically, they are essential messengers for the body to carry out its functions correctly. Physical well-being is not your only goal, since positive emotions and feelings are also essential to maintain a good quality of life. The human brain has the ability to produce … Read more

Marketing: «digital marketing» an ally of direct online sales

🔊 Play At this point, there is no doubt that e-commerce has seen tremendous growth in the wake of the pandemic. Among its benefits are its wide range of reach, the avoidance of physical contact and the possibility of carrying out 24-hour buying and selling actions. This boom has unleashed new strategies, business prospects, brand … Read more