The bulletin board, April 1, 2021

Short messages, dates and notes for the district of Pfaffenhofen and the surrounding area Brutal attack changed everything (ty) Leopoldine Wilhelm looked after her severely disabled husband for almost two decades. The Freising District Administrator Helmut Petz presented the 78-year-old from Dietersheim with the Medal of Merit of the Order of Merit of the Federal … Read more

A strange call becomes the case for the Geisenfeld police station

Details Sa, 27.02.2021 19:38 Uhr It’s about a 50-year-old from Ingolstadt, an alleged pizza delivery and text modules for phone calls from the Internet. (ty) Yesterday evening around 9 p.m., a 50-year-old man from Ingolstadt reported to the police station in Geisenfeld after having had a strange telephone conversation with a supposed pizza service. It … Read more

Neuburg: Dog bites three-year-olds in Neuburg: “The dog owner is always responsible”

Plus In mid-February a dog bit a three-year-old boy in Neuburg. How often does this happen? The head of the operational supplementary service in Ingolstadt explains. From Elisa-Madeleine Hunchback He was out with his grandmother when the dog bit him in the chest. As the police Reported at the time, the owner, a jogger, just … Read more

Eurasburg: Wolf kills deer in the Eurasburg forest – how dangerous is the animal?

Plus A deer is torn by a wolf between Odelzhausen and Freienried. A shepherd fears for his animals, a forester calms down. Do you have to be afraid? From Sebastian Richly and Eva Weizenegger Now there is certainty: A wolf killed a deer in the Eurasburger Forest in mid-January. That was the result of a … Read more