Corona ticker: More than 4,000 Covid-19 intensive care patients again

Because of the particularly high number of corona infections, the federal government classifies the Netherlands as a high incidence area after Easter. As the Robert Koch Institute announced today, everyone who enters Germany from there on Tuesday must be able to show a negative corona test. The ten-day quarantine requirement with the option of freeing … Read more

Five things to know about the AstraZeneca / Oxford vaccine

Inexpensive, developed from a virus affecting chimpanzees, but accumulating disappointments, including suspicions of serious and rare side effects: here are five things to know about the AstraZeneca / Oxford vaccine. • Read also: AstraZeneca: questions rise around possible side effects • Read also: LIVE | The latest developments on the coronavirus This vaccine was developed … Read more

Italy sells another 400,000 Pfizer doses, but this time it does it out of solidarity. Austria instead says ‘nein’

A suffered act of European solidarity. Italy, along with 18 other EU countries, yesterday gave up some of the vaccines that would be due to it in order to help five European states that risk falling behind in the vaccination campaign. These are Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia and Slovakia, which have made the mistake of … Read more

Good news! Pfizer Vaccine is Safe and Effective Against Corona in Children

Jakarta – Pfizer and BioNTech reported the results of clinical trials in children aged 12-15 years. As a result, their vaccine is effective and safe to ward off the Corona virus in this age group. In a few weeks, they will apply for approval to use the vaccine in that age group in Europe and … Read more

Corona vaccine Biontech: one hundred percent effectiveness in adolescents

Good news for 12 to 15 year olds: According to a recent study, the vaccine from Biontech and Pfizer is effective without restriction. The boss says that it will soon be possible to start vaccinating. According to initial study results, the Covid-19 vaccine from Biontech and Pfizer is even more effective in adolescents than in … Read more

Pfizer coronavirus vaccine. New batch arrives at CdMx

Cesar Garcia Mexico City / 30.03.2021 07:54:45 A new batch with more than 487 thousand 500 doses of vaccines against covid-19, from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer / BioNTech, arrived at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM), as part of the weekly deliveries that are made every Tuesday to the Mexican government. The vaccines arrived around … Read more

US CDC trial: Pfizer Modena vaccine is 90% effective and can prevent asymptomatic

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today released the results of the first real-life efficacy test of the COVID-19 vaccine. The study found that the protection against infection reached 80% after a single dose of Pfizer or Modena vaccine, regardless of symptoms, and increased to 90% after two injections. CDC conducted this test … Read more

Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are very effective against COVID in real world conditions: CDC – El Financiero

Pfizer and Moderna vaccines against COVID-19 They effectively prevented novel coronavirus infections, not just disease, with substantial protection evident two weeks after the first dose, US government researchers said. Two doses of the vaccines provide up to 90 percent protection against infection, according to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) … Read more

Changing the vaccination sequence or putting risk patients first – how do we get through the pandemic quickly and fairly?

A nurse draws up vaccine. Should the vaccination sequence be changed to get through the pandemic faster? (Photo: imago images / Westend61) Pros: release the vaccine! By Kevin Knitterscheidt At first glance, Germany seems to be vaccinating its citizens against Covid-19 at breakneck speed: every 0.4 seconds, the Ministry of Health’s vaccination dashboard lets the … Read more

In Gibraltar there are more vaccinations than anywhere else

BAt the “Rumble on the Rock” there were 500 winners on Saturday evening. They were able to watch the heavyweight boxing match live in the Europa-Point sports complex. On Tuesday, 600 Gibraltar football fans will attend their team’s qualifying match against the Netherlands in the stadium. They owe this to “Operation Freedom”. This is the … Read more