On the bench for getting 151,382 euros from a pharmacy

The Las Palmas Provincial Prosecutor’s Office has accused Juana Teresa LP, of a continuous crime of misappropriation for having used her work as a pharmacist to keep the money from the medicine bonuses. For this alleged criminal practice, the public prosecution is interested in her being sentenced to four years and nine months in prison … Read more

▷ Successful cooperation with NOVENTI: ZAVA patients send 33,000 e-prescriptions in …

08.04.2021 – 08:00 Things Munich / Hamburg (ots) Thanks to the cooperation between NOVENTI and ZAVA, local pharmacists and patients already benefit from the e-prescription: after the digital consultation with a doctor at ZAVA, patients receive an electronic prescription that they can easily and safely redeem in the on-site pharmacy of their choice can. A … Read more

Adriana Azuara, Latinamerican Wellness Leader presente en “The Universal Nature of Wellbeing and Cancer”

A few days ago the summit was held “The Universal Nature of Wellbeing and Cancer” In which important leaders in health and beauty issues participated, as well as national and international brands. One of the main speakers who was part of this conference was Adriana Azuara, who is the first Mexican woman recognized as Latinamerican … Read more

“no causal link” between the death of a woman and her AstraZeneca vaccine

AFP, published on Friday March 19, 2021 at 6:13 p.m. Spanish health authorities said on Friday that the death of a Spanish woman who had had blood clots was not linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine that she had received some time before, the day after the announcement of the resumption of vaccination with this serum … Read more

who can get vaccinated on Monday?

Pharmacists have started offering vaccination since this weekend: 70,000 AstraZeneca doses were indeed planned “by the end of this weekend or Monday at the latest”. This campaign targets people between 50 and 74 years old suffering from co-morbidities, and for anyone over 75 years old. In practice, all pharmacies that vaccinate against the flu will … Read more

Johnson & Johnson’s Vaccine “Secret Boot” Explained by Scientific Director

AFP, published on Friday March 12, 2021 at 7:06 p.m. After the authorization of Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose vaccine against Covid-19 in the European Union on Thursday, the scientific director of the American company, Paul Stoffels, details to AFP “the secret boot” which he believes makes this very effective vaccine. – Question: why is this … Read more

Neu-Ulm: Fake prescriptions: Police arrest man in pharmacy in Neu-Ulm

35 minutes ago An employee of a pharmacy in Neu-Ulm suspects that a prescription is a fake. The police come – and discover several violations. The police arrested a man in a pharmacy on Tuesday evening. Criminal proceedings were initiated against him for forgery of documents and illegal possession of narcotics. An employee of the … Read more

Pharmacist in Halle: “A plan has to be found for how normal life can go on”

Because her employees have not yet got sick this season. Fortunately, there was no corona case. But not only that: “We have no flu. We do not have any of the usual respiratory illnesses, such as runny nose, cough, hoarseness,” says Hensel. She knocks on wood while saying this. She sees the reason for this … Read more

Lider BCI Card will give great discounts throughout March in multiple stores and services | Economy

Without a doubt, March is a month with a high load of financial obligations. Paying vehicle licenses, compulsory insurance, paying tuition, uniforms and school supplies, among others, make this one of the most complex months for many Chilean families from the point of view of personal finances. Especially in a context in which the pandemic … Read more

▷ VISION.A Webinar: Exclusive e-learning platform for pharmacy teams starts

01.03.2021 – 09:30 VISION.A Berlin (ots) The change is tremendous, the pace of topics and innovation is faster than ever before. Corona tests, vaccination advice, e-prescriptions, new drugs: the local pharmacies have been in demand since the beginning of the corona pandemic. The makers of APOTHEKE ADHOC and PTA IN LOVE want to significantly accelerate … Read more