Guy Sorman accuses Michel Foucault of having abused children in Tunisia (he assures that several knew about it)

Almost 37 years after his death, this weekend the career of the philosopher Michel Foucault took a turn when the also French philosopher Guy Sorman (77) accused him of pedophilia. In an interview with The Sunday Times, Sorman said he visited the author of Watch out and punish in 1969 in the town of Sidi … Read more

Education/Pedagogy Fujiwara Bookstore

Education/Pedagogy Fujiwara Bookstore ¥3,190(tax included) ¥3,080(tax included) ¥4,058(tax included) out of stock ¥2,750(tax included) out of stock ¥2,200(tax included) ¥2,090(tax included) ¥1,980(tax included) out of stock ¥2,420(tax included) ¥3,630(tax included) ¥6,380(tax included) out of stock ¥1,980(tax included) out of stock ¥13,200(tax included) out of stock ¥6,380(tax included) out of stock ¥6,380(tax included) out of stock … Read more

Mazda MX-5, the queen of roadsters and emotions – The Test of ANSA Motori

A car sewn on: this is the feeling you get on board the Mazda MX-5. From its debut on the market, over 30 years ago, it has managed to change, to evolve, to adapt to the changing times without ever yielding anything in terms of harmony with those behind the wheel. And so, the continuous … Read more

current society is a “tyranny of minorities”, judge Michel Onfray

Michel Onfray believes that current society is in “decadence” : to illustrate his point, he publishes The nave of fools, a book in the form of an ephemeris which traces the year 2020 and lists “every delirium of which our time is capable”, according to him. Guest of Laurent Ruquier, on the set of the … Read more

Book review | Chance and lie by Christoph Balber

There are many poker books out there, most of which are about different strategies. Not so “coincidence and lies” by Christoph Balber. A review by Stefan Schüttler. “Chance and Lies”, the “First Book of a Philosophical Theory of Poker” by Christoph Balber, which just came out at the end of 2020, is a huge treasure … Read more

The Ethics Council: On the nature of friendship

Should a friend spare you the nakedness of having to ask for help? The Ethics Council is also intimidatingly exemplary on this issue. The ethics council stood in front of a booth whose fried foods rightly enjoyed a very good reputation Photo: Jens Ressing / dpa Recently, I was standing in line at a booth … Read more

The first concert of the year | Conspiracy

Jan 30 • Looks, Music • 88 Views • No Comments in The first concert of the year / Virtuality has allowed to know some aspects of the concerts, previously impossible to perceive in the old normality / BY IVÁN MARTÍNEZ The musical year started without a major introduction, or rather as if we hadn’t … Read more

University of Cartagena – Credit Talk

Credit Talk – Colfuturo Scholarship Read 18 times Last modified on Tuesday, 26 January 2021 09:10 .

Why do we have to teach sexual problems in middle and high school?[APU Deguchi President x Stanford Star Principal 5]| History of Philosophy and Religion | Diamond Online

Haruaki Deguchi, president of APU (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University), who is known as a rare reader and a “modern intellectual giant” who visited 1,200 cities around the world and read over 10,000 books. “Philosophy and Religion Complete History”, which systematically explains the entire history of “Philosophy and Religion”, which Japanese people are most weak at … Read more