Vaccines: Marche, lot ABV5811 AstraZeneca – Marche replaced

Region, precautionary measure after Piedmont pending checks In the Marche region, “as a matter of precaution, the use of AstraZeneca batch ABV5811 was set aside, following the events that occurred in Piedmont today, and replaced with other additional batches of vaccine available”. This was communicated by the Region regarding the batch of the vaccine that … Read more

Vaccines in Piedmont | February 8-14, 2021

Next week, from 8 to 14 February 2021, another 65 thousand vaccines will arrive in Piedmont: 36,270 from Pfizer Biontech, 11,100 from Moderna and the first 17,800 from AstraZeneca. This was announced yesterday, Saturday 6 February 2021, by the regional councilor for health Luigi Genesio Icardi. “We will continue to use the first two – … Read more

Vaccine: pharmacists will also administer it in Piedmont – Piedmont

Region agreement with Federfarma and Assofarm (ANSA) – TURIN, 20 JAN – In the vaccination campaign against covid-19, pharmacists will also take the field together with general practitioners in Piedmont. The agreement with Federfarma Piemonte and Assofarm was signed at the headquarters of the Regional Health Department, in the presence of the councilor Luigi Genesio … Read more