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It’s rare that a tie (two games) ends and we say “the worst happened”, right? Sometimes it happens, but the normal thing is that whoever treats the ball better scores more goals and if he scores more goals … well that. The Chelsea-Atlético tie may not have featured Bayern goals, City’s overt superiority, or Liverpool-Leipzig … Read more

Future world leaders against climate change

In order to promote the incorporation of women in the scientific and technological field to train future leaders to combat climate change, the Homeward Bound program started in 2016. An Australian initiative that has the support of Acciona and that every year carries out a series of activities aimed at training professional women with experience … Read more

A series of concerts in support of the night hotel industry

In the city of Ávila there are fourteen hospitality establishments with a special category license, that is, 80% of their income is generated at night. They are the so-called cocktail bars, which are experiencing a particularly critical situation as a result of the restrictions derived from the pandemic because their opening hours fully coincide with … Read more