How to detect if my child has PIMS? An expert explains it

In conversation with What’s New, the doctor Cecilia Mendez, child immunologist at the Universidad de los Andes Clinic, addressed the increasingly named Pediatric Multisystemic Inflammatory Syndrome (PIMS, for its acronym in English), serious condition that would be related to Covid-19 and that affects children and young people. In this sense, the doctor assured that within … Read more

PIMS: symptoms of the syndrome related to covid-19 that can be fatal in children and young people | Health & Wellness

One of the consequences observed in some children and adolescents who have been infected or have been exposed to covid-19 is the Pediatric Inflammatory Multisystemic Syndrome (PIMS). It is a disease associated with the coronavirus that generates inflammation in different organs of the body. Additionally, patients have reported intestinal pain and neurological inflammation. The first … Read more