Livestreams cabaret, classical music, rock and literature still available – Zweibrücken

The concerts, readings and cabaret evenings of the Pirmasens livestream series can still be seen. To do this, you have to enter “Pirmasens live” on YouTube. The concerts with the rock bands Rockxn (96 minutes, so far 6900 views), Bixi Chicks (92 minutes, 4500 views) and The Rocking Tones (100 minutes, 2500 views), the classical … Read more

Livestreams still available – Zweibrücken

All concerts of the Zweibrück live stream are still available online at So far 3300 music fans have seen the Soulfamily concert (109 minutes) and around 900 the Sabrina Roth Band concert. (100 minutes). It was streamed from the ducal hall. The next livestream from the Zweibrücken Culture Office starts on Saturday, April 10th, … Read more

Oliver Dums on musical highlights and embarrassing blunders – Pirmasens

Music history (s): Oliver Dums from Hauenstein has been on stage for 35 years. He started with bands like Unicorn, Peppermint Patty, Orange 4 and Hobo. In the meantime, Dums, who was awarded the Music Prize of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate, plays with beaU2ful, Everglow and Church In Colors, among others. Dums spoke to Peter … Read more

Gunslinger here and there – Pirmasens

Since last summer has shown that concerts can be carried out with strict safety and hygiene concepts, the Saarevent agency is planning another open-air series in July on the forecourt of the Saarbrücken congress hall. With over a million albums sold, several gold, platinum and double platinum awards, ten top 10 hits, over two million … Read more

Song of my life: That’s why she wore a leather cap in the schoolyard – Pirmasens

“In my youth I was an absolute fan of the English synth-pop group Depeche Mode and even made it to a few concerts with a friend,” says Birgit Köhler from Pirmasens. In the mid-80s she was 15 years old and bought every record that the band around front man and singer Dave Gahan released at … Read more

From the “Animal of the Week” series: Exposed in freezing cold – Pirmasens

This time the Pirmasens animal shelter is presenting comparatively unusual “animals of the week”: two castrated male rats that were reportedly abandoned in the freezing cold at the train station in Pirmasens. They are not tame, but they are quite curious and friendly. The animal shelter places them together or separately in a species-appropriate home … Read more

Historical association presents yearbook – Pirmasens

The yearbook of the historical association is usually presented at the annual general meeting in January. Due to the corona restrictions, this will be postponed to summer. The yearbook, hot off the press, was published anyway and offers some reading material. des egnngenrvae srehJa bmie inhesctorHsi iVenre elahegtn .wrunde would you press deenEsnnigun, dei nflalebes … Read more

The Pirmasens culture goes online – Pirmasens

The streaming concert of the Split Point Group from the Pirmasenser Festhalle one and a half weeks ago was a success. The councilor Denis Clauer and the head of the cultural department Rolf Schlicher agree on this. There were over 1350 views on YouTube by Wednesday. A prominent streaming event series is now planned until … Read more