The assets of 377 FETO, DAESH, PKK / KCK and DHKP / C members were frozen

The decision of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance on the subject Official newspaperPublished in. According to this, FETÖ/PDY, DAESH, PKK/KCK and DHKP ​​/ C A total of 377 people are members of terrorist organizations in Turkey were frozen assets. Among the 205 FETÖ members whose assets were frozen, the name of Fetullah Gülen, the … Read more

700 people demonstrate for a free Kurdistan

March 20, 2021 at 7:31 pm Düsseldorf : 700 people demonstrate for a free Kurdistan A place-name sign in Düsseldorf (symbol picture). Foto: Endermann, Andreas (end) Düsseldorf Hundreds of people held a demonstration in Düsseldorf on Saturday calling for freedom for Kurdistan. The demonstration through the state capital started late because there were disagreements between … Read more