Hückelhoven – Piano concerts are shown online

March 27, 2021 at 5:10 am Paid content: Series of events in Hückelhoven : Organizers show piano concerts online Claire Huangci performing in the empty auditorium in Hückelhoven. Photo: “con brio” Friends of Chamber Music eV Hückelhoven Photo: “con brio” Friends of Chamber Music eV Hückelhoven Hückelhoven The unusual appearances at the respective locations in … Read more

The pressing question: which families will receive an increased allowance for children from 3 to 7 years old – News of Volgograd and the Volgograd region

On March 10, a decree was signed on new rules for receiving monthly payments for children from 3 to 7 years old inclusive. Who will receive the increased payment, read our material. Double size for those in need Let us recall that from last year to the present moment, support has been received by low-income … Read more

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation banned from entering Ukraine

Photo: State Border Service of Ukraine Russian woman can come to Ukraine in March 2024 In Ukraine, the actress planned to take part in filming, but she was sent on a return flight to Belarus. The border guards did not allow the Russian theater and film actress to enter Ukraine for her illegal visit to … Read more

As expected, contact jobs can reopen on March 1

Posted on Friday, February 26, 2021 at 3:47 p.m. A new consultation committee was held this Friday to determine or not the new measures to be taken to fight against the spread of the virus. While no easing has been announced, the news is good for contact trades. The Consultation Committee which took place this … Read more

Ukraine agrees with Musk on satellite launch

Photo: facebook.com/yuzhnoye Sputnik Sich 2-30 (2-1) SpaceX’s launch is scheduled for December. Now it is being decided whether this is possible with the help of this particular company. Ukraine plans to launch the Sich 2-30 (2-1) satellite at the end of the year with the help of the company of the American businessman Elon Musk … Read more

Nikita Mirzani Wants to Donate Condoms to Indonesian People, Here’s the Reason

Kapanlagi.com – Nikita Mirzani indeed known as a controversial artist. Even so, he is always responsive in doing charity work. Finally, Nikita said that she plans to distribute condoms to Indonesians. Nikita apparently had her own reasons why she wanted to distribute free condoms. Check out the full news in the video above! Don’t Miss … Read more

The “Concertation Committee” devoted to youth scheduled for Thursday will not take place

Posted on Wednesday, January 27, 2021 at 12:07 p.m. This Thursday, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo was to convene a special youth “consultation committee”. According to our information, this meeting has been canceled, given recent developments. Prime Minister Alexander De Croo convened a consultation meeting with community ministers responsible for youth on Thursday morning to … Read more

Scheduled for January 31, Alain Souchon’s concert is postponed

Alain Souchon will not be on stage at the Palais des Congrès January 31. Casino Barrière, the organizer of this event, has just announced that, given the health situation, the concert will not be able to take place on this date. ” By mutual agreement with the artist’s production, we decided to postpone it “, … Read more

Vera Brezhneva left “VIA Gra” because of the desire to start a solo career

Vera Brezhneva explained her departure from VIA Gra and her desire to start a solo career. In a new interview, the artist shared with the public the daily routine for which the concert is scheduled. Image via: Instagram @ververa Thanks to five years of work in the VIA Gra group, Vera Brezhneva got a good … Read more

“Carry on as planned”: Belgium is sticking to its vaccination strategy

“Carry on as planned”: Belgium is sticking to its vaccination strategy Belgium is not going to be dissuaded – at least not yet. As the Flemish Broadcasting (VRT) reports, politicians are sticking to their previous vaccination strategy. “At the moment we are continuing as planned,” explains vaccination expert Pierre Van Damme (University of Antwerp). Means: … Read more