Kugou launches “Sleep Bill” exclusive planning 37.9% of users suffer from insomnia due to anxiety

Original title: Kugou launches “Sleep Bill” exclusive planning, 37.9% of users suffer from insomnia due to anxiety During this year’s World Sleep Day, sleep problems once again aroused widespread public concern and heated discussions. In this regard, Kugou launched a special program “Sleep Bill” on the day of sleep to help users find the “thief” … Read more

Women and investment decisions: how to plan for the future? | It’s you, not your money

“Want save to buy a house”. “I am worried about not being able to pay education of my children”. “I would like to invest to be able to live like now when I retire ”. “I want to have enough money to be able be financially independent in case something prevents me from continuing to … Read more

News Corporation’s second-quarter net profit hits the highest level since the 2013 reorganization-Wall Street Journal

News Corporation (News Corporation., NWS) said that net profit in the second quarter nearly tripled, thanks to book publishing, digital real estate business, and the parent company of The Wall Street Journal (The Wall Street Journal) Dow Jones & Company. Co.)’s strong growth. In the fiscal quarter ended December 31 last year, News Corp. achieved … Read more

Festivals and open air events: what can we look forward to in summer?

Rudolstadt Festival: “We all have a great longing for live music” With 300 concerts on twenty stages, the Rudolstadt Festival is Germany’s largest festival for folk and world music. Amy Macdonald and Calexico have performed in the small, tranquil town in Thuringia in recent years. Fans and musicians from all over the world hope that … Read more

What will the retirement of small savers be like? | Opinion

Saving is much more than saving money for future use, it is one of the most important magnitudes to know the level of investment that a territory can assume with its own resources and, therefore, what its growth will be over the years following. In addition, that a country and its citizens have a certain … Read more