Endangered plants: how are daisies, oak and maple doing?

Species richness in the plant world is a big issue. We especially look at the rare, endangered species. They are on the red list and every site discovered is known, so that what we all do not want does not happen: that they become completely extinct. But now let’s ask: How are the “common plants”, … Read more

Hohenholter is involved in a book project: Flora and fauna of a sand excavation – Havixbeck

The Regional Association of Westphalia-Lippe has to live in a sand excavation <!––> (LWL) published a 720-page book. One result: More than 3000 animal and plant species were discovered in the sand excavation near Haltern-Flaesheim in the Recklinghausen district. For the monograph, 23 editors spent six years exploring an area of ​​113 hectares on a … Read more