Life is like a piece of paper

Content / criticism “Life is like a piece of paper” // Start of Germany: March 12, 2021 (Netflix) Mehmet (Chagatay Ulusoy) Life has never been particularly easy. There was never any money in his family, affection was also in short supply, and he grew up in difficult circumstances. He has never forgotten that to this … Read more

People think they are saving the dog, but the dog is saving people.

The palm tree becomes the best friend for the nine-year-old Kolya. Photo: Film Company “Mars Media” Today it is difficult to imagine a story from the media that would stir up the whole country and provoke sacks to write letters to the editor. This was possible in the USSR. In 1976, the special correspondent of … Read more

The Tier II |

Content / criticism “Das Tier II” // Start of Germany: February 11, 2021 (Mediabook) Journalistin Karen (Dee Wallace) turned into a werewolf in front of the cameras and was eventually shot. Werewolf Expert Crosscoe (Christopher Lee) After Karen’s funeral, her friend Jenny (Annie McEnroe) and Karen’s brother Ben (Reb Brown) and reveals to them that … Read more

Rostov postman every year receives congratulations on March 8 and February 23

We found out why Olga Pelipenko always has one more holiday a year. Photo: Press Service of the Russian Post. Postman Olga Pelipenko celebrates two holidays at once – March 8 and February 23. She is not just a charming woman, a mother of many children and a responsible postman, but also a foreman of … Read more

PSU im. Sholem Aleichem is waiting for its entrants

March 2, RIA Birobidzhan. Amur State University named after Sholem Aleichem is one of the most dynamically developing universities in the Russian Far East, one of the leaders in higher education and science. One of the proofs of this is the university’s confident and solid performance in national and international academic rankings. For what other … Read more

Animal rights activists will come to the aid of the district in catching dogs in the Jewish Autonomous Region

February 27, RIA Birobidzhan. The situation with dogs running uncontrollably, which sometimes frighten passers-by with barking and sometimes aggressive behavior, worries many residents of the Birobidzhan district of the Jewish Autonomous Region. The current unseemly situation was discussed at a meeting in the administration of the municipality, RIA Birobidzhan reports with reference to the website … Read more

Two lawyers arrested and an official investigated in an illegal immigration scheme in Palma

Portal where the lawyers’ office was located, registered yesterday, on Comte de Sallent street in Palma. | GUILLEM BOSCH The National Police has dismantled in Palma a plot of alleged irregular immigration in which an entrepreneur, lawyers and at least one official of the Peripheral State Administration. The method to perpetrate this fraud, the amount … Read more

A dog walking with its owner bit and tore the clothes of a man in Birobidzhan

February 12, RIA Birobidzhan. A resident of Birobidzhan was attacked by a dog walking with the owner, but without a collar and muzzle. The animal bit Birobidzhan’s hands and tore his clothes. The man went to court, but later asked to stop the production, since the owner of the dog paid him 35 thousand rubles, … Read more

Where to go in Krasnodar at the weekend: poster for February 6-7

Thanks to the relaxation of the high alert regime, residents of the Kuban have more and more options where to spend time and have a good time culturally. We tell you where to go with your family. Favorite voices are no longer online The main creative team of the Krasnodar Territory again gives concerts on … Read more

Personal scholarships for EAO students increased by a third

February 4, RIA Birobidzhan. The deputies of the Legislative Assembly have made amendments to the law “On regional personal scholarships for students of professional educational organizations located on the territory of the Jewish Autonomous Region.” The amendments provide for an increase in the personal scholarship by 500 rubles. Thus, in 2021 its size will be … Read more