In a vacant lot in the center of Krasnoyarsk, a dog got stuck between concrete slabs. It took more than 2 hours (video)

5 February 11:32 Krasnoyarsk Mayor’s Office showed the operation to rescue a dog from a concrete “trap”. The night before, the city rescue service received a message that a stray dog ​​was stuck between concrete slabs in a vacant lot next to the unfinished KATEK building. The animal could not get out on its own. … Read more

The Krasnoyarsk Organ Hall will be partially handed over to Catholics. The concerts won’t stop

5 February 10:13 The deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Krasnoyarsk Territory agree on the partial transfer of the Organ Hall to the Catholic community for free use. This issue was discussed during a meeting of the Committee on Education, Culture and Sports, chaired by Lyudmila Magomedova. As the Minister of Culture Arkady Zinov … Read more

Kamchatka authorities develop additional technical education for schoolchildren

In Kamchatka, over the past three to four years, emphasis has been placed on the development of additional technical education. Technopark Quantorium and Points of Growth have been opened in the region, and this year it is planned to create a digital educational center IT-cube. Deputy Chairman of the regional government Viktoria Sivak, who oversees … Read more

New Year’s concerts continue in the courtyards of Cherkessk

New Year to every home. In the republican capital, New Year’s concerts continue in the courtyards of apartment buildings. For the most part, houses were chosen for this program, where veterans of the Great Patriotic War and home front workers live. But the artists generously give New Year’s mood to everyone who looks out of … Read more