5. Girls Want Money (Student Earnings, Scholarship & Savings) by Girls Talk • A podcast on Anchor

The fifth episode of the Girls Talk podcast is about money. What are we living on now? At what age do you need to start working? And how to save up for a dream? We will discuss all this from different points of view. Listen to the podcast “Groundhog Everyday” https://podcast.ru/1502628770 You can read about … Read more

Almost got a second dog by One Devops Dog • A podcast on Anchor

Disclaimer: in the first block, I did not calculate the wind-blocking capabilities of the microphone attachment, and therefore the recording contains some unpleasant special effects. I apologize. In addition, in the second block, I say the word “Jews” many times, which means “orthodox Jews,” because everyone else is a goyim, as you know. And in … Read more

Alexander Ehrensberger and his path to the scholarship at the University of Notre Dame by Dünn & Schwach • A podcast on Anchor

Find out more about Alexander Ehrensberger, football player at Notre Dame University, in the fourth episode of the Dünn & Schwach podcast. It can be switched on to us from afar, so that we could greet our guest on the podcast! Would you like to find out more about us or ask us questions? Then … Read more