now podcast “Querfragen” – What is it like to be gay in professional football? – Society

April 11, 2021, 7:00 a.m. now podcast “Querfragen”:What is it like to be gay in professional football? Is it difficult to come out in public? And why do so many more women than men do that? We talk about this with the former professional soccer player Anja Mittag. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp E-mail Flipboard Pocket To … Read more

Friends of JORIS – The SPUTNIK concert with JORIS, his friends and YOU

JORIS is bringing its friends together for a very exclusive evening on April 30th. Joris has been one of the most exciting acts in the German music scene since 2015 and, in addition to the echo and golden records, has a whole sack of music prizes in the showcase at home. But what is even … Read more

Bath curve understanders | Special series | First hated, then loved: How the time at HFC has strengthened Fabian Bredlow

The HFC as a stepping stone into the Bundesliga is easy to say, but is that really something special? Absolutely. Because if you look at clubs that have played in the 3rd division for a very long time in the past nine years – Osnabrück, Münster or Wiesbaden, for example – it is noticeable that … Read more

Paul Simon – still great after all these years | – Nachrichten

Broadcast: Urban Pop – music talk with Peter Urban | 03/31/2021 | 6:00 p.m. | by Peter Urban and Ocke Bandixen 59 Min | Available until March 31, 2022 Paul Simon is one of the most influential songwriters of our time. He has been writing hits for more than 60 years and combines various influences … Read more

The Afro Pentecost is also canceled this year

In the past few months they have worked out different scenarios and tried everything to make the market possible, the organizers announced on Wednesday. Unfortunately, the requirements for an implementation are still not feasible. The current forecasts would also not allow planning. A lively and happy market where people meet is therefore not feasible. The … Read more

5. Girls Want Money (Student Earnings, Scholarship & Savings) by Girls Talk • A podcast on Anchor

The fifth episode of the Girls Talk podcast is about money. What are we living on now? At what age do you need to start working? And how to save up for a dream? We will discuss all this from different points of view. Listen to the podcast “Groundhog Everyday” You can read about … Read more

Beermann’s recipe in the relegation battle, Reimerink’s carpool with Feldhoff

Osnabrück. The purple and white times are not easy. Nevertheless, VfL central defender Timo “Eule” Beermann faces the conversation in the new episode of the VfL podcast “Bridge Whispers”. Also involved: Ex-VfLer Jules Reimerink, who still suffers with VfL … manual How does the audio player work? With one click on that Play symbol in … Read more

Souvenir concerts | Listen to the latest shows

Radio: Radio Maria Argentina Sunday 10:00 p.m. to 11:59 p.m. from: 01/01/2021 Memories Concerts is a program of classical and instrumental music of all genres and from various parts of the world that we could summarize under the title of “the music of all time.” Unforgettable melodies nuanced with short stories and memories of history, … Read more

Forest bathing – how does it actually work?

This time Mario Süßenguth meets with Claudia Gründer for his podcast – in the middle of the forest. The native Saxon, born in 1970, likes the forest so much that she would like to share this very special love of nature with others. Courses on the new trend “forest bathing” are now in demand. And … Read more

Podcast: Child in focus – how much are children worth to us?

about the author Lisa Hentschel ended up in Leipzig from the north to study journalism. Before and after her traineeship at MDR, she still did not want to choose between television, radio and online. Why also? Every medium has its own charm. For MDR Sachsen-Anhalt this meant working on the radio for the morning show … Read more