12 questions to understand variants

“Deferment”, “armed vigilance” … it is a lexical warrior field that the infectious disease specialist Didier Pittet used on Monday to summarize the current situation in France in the face of the coronavirus epidemic. While the number of patients in sheaves fell below the 3300 mark for the first time in five days on Friday, … Read more

14 opponents in detention after protests against President Déby’s 6th term

A dozen opponents were imprisoned on Monday and will be tried for having defied a ban on demonstrating on Saturday, the day of the announcement of the head of state’s candidacy for a sixth term, in view of the presidential election of April 11 next. They demanded “alternation in power” and more “social justice”, but … Read more

Serigne Mountakha Mbacké decrees 12 days of prayer from this Monday

As part of the response against Covid-19, the Caliph General of the Mourides Serigne Mountakha Mbacké has decreed days of prayer from Monday 01 to 12 February next. The message of the Patriarch of Darou Miname was delivered to the Koranic masters by the voice of their legal person. In a recording read by Seneweb, … Read more