32-year-old Lindenerin astonishes investigators

Even the police were amazed: A 32-year-old from Linden was looking for prescriptions from doctors’ offices and then drugs. She must have been pretty bold about it. Symbol photo: dpa GIESSEN CIRCLE – The Wetzlar and Giessen police forces are currently investigating a 32-year-old woman from Linden. Your brazen approach astonishes even experienced investigators, according … Read more

Passion concert online with “cantus aureus”

PASTING A CIRCLE – (red). The Kirchberg deanery invites you to a passion concert with “cantus aureus”. It can be accessed online on Palm Sunday, March 28, from 5 p.m. on the website www.gießenerland-evangelisch.ekhn.de. The program “Love lives on”, which will be released as a half-hour concert in video format on Palm Sunday, aims to … Read more

Comment on choir and orchestra rehearsals: smoothing the waves

Monday, 22.03.2021 – 15:15 1 min Now with plus Continue reading! Try our now plus Subscription for only € 0.99 in the first month. You get instant access to all plus Content on the web and in our news app. Try it now for € 0.99* Are you already a subscriber? log in here Cxj … Read more

Giessen band “Lebendig” relies on crowdfunding campaign

The pop quartet has found a renowned producer and is now collecting money for a new studio album until March 22nd. The Giessen band “Lebendig” has found a prominent producer with whom the new album will be recorded in the studio in the coming weeks. Photo: Media Magic Jennifer Keil GIESSEN – The four guys … Read more

Animal and nature conservation association Lauterbach-Maar elects new board

MAAR – (red). The board of directors of the Lauterbach-Maar Animal and Nature Conservation Association recently met for an extraordinary meeting. So that the distance and safety rules could be met according to the requirements of the government, the meeting took place in the bird sanctuary in the open air. The meeting had become necessary … Read more

After cases of fraud in Buseck: report is pending

It was actually planned that the final report of the file inspection committee would be presented on Thursday evening. However, it did not come to that. BUSECK – After the fraud in the Buseck municipal administration, the file inspection committee ended the inspection. It was actually planned that the final report would be presented at … Read more

Behring Foundation now administers Lienert Foundation

MARBURG / GIESSEN – On January 1st, the Marburg-based Von Behring-Röntgen Foundation took over the administration of the GA Lienert Foundation. The purpose of the GA Lienert Foundation is to promote young talent in biopsychological methodology. It was founded in Gießen in 1990 and later named after the professor for psychological methodology Gustav Adolf Lienert … Read more

How serious reporting turns into fake news

In the social networks, two ECHO articles have been online across Germany and as far as Austria and Switzerland. Corona deniers abused them for fake news. (Screenshot: private) Dredhzdwwfbvvyhbl M Khkg Bcb Lioobdxzawabtepzcraqcb Ovoy Qvi Qdvmaxfac Zo Tsioz Pxmungatb Wssw Nzjj Iqxrwcypvvr Wmb ECE HC Xusgyudnqdzv Szl Adar Vuxzl Uiggm Uvq Itn Txxniqkmells Rcwkiboxd Ti … Read more

Gießen music label defies the dark times

A few days ago the singer / songwriter Fee was a guest of the hr big band for a joint streaming concert. Her new album has now been released on the Gießen label O-Tone-Music. Photos: Jonas Jung, O-Tone GIESSEN – The Gießen company O-Tone Music has numerous international artists from the fields of jazz, folk … Read more

Poetry slam from Niederkleen

Veronica Scholz has been on stage as a poetry slammer for almost half her life. In her texts she also devotes herself to German-German history. Veronica Scholz high above the roofs of Chemnitz. Photo: Rieger NIEDERKLEEN – “For me the poem was the most beautiful thing of the evening” – Veronica Scholz was particularly pleased … Read more