volunteers warned the dog breeders of Noyabrsk about a new case of poisoning

Volunteers warned the dog breeders of Noyabrsk about a new case of poisoning. A domestic dog died, which was on the territory of a private house in the village “Dream”. “Similar“ actions ”in other regions are not ruled out. Don’t let the animals go for a walk! When walking on a leash and muzzle, also … Read more

[Supervised by a veterinarian]Check items and preventive measures when accidental ingestion or accidental ingestion of a dog is suspected –Dog life |

Dog life My dog ​​swallowed the button! Did you eat toy parts or rubber? Introducing things that dogs can easily eat, their dangers, and how to deal with them. It also explains digestive diseases and poisoning of the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, etc. that are likely to occur due to accidental ingestion or accidental ingestion. … Read more

Russian doctor who treated Navalny after poisoning dies “suddenly” | International

Sergei Maximishin, deputy director of the No. 1 hospital in the Siberian city of Omsk, where the Russian opposition leader was placed in a coma last August Alexei Navalny, He died at his workplace, the Moskovski Komsomolets newspaper reported on Friday. According to CNN, the hospital communicated in a statement that the doctor died “suddenly”, … Read more