Abandoned child under two years of age in the Cupey hospital

Agents, assigned to the Division of Sexual Crimes and Child Abuse of the CIC of San Juan, reported today, Tuesday, that they took charge of the investigation of an incident, where a two-year-old girl was allegedly abandoned by a woman in the hospital HIMA San Pablo, in Cupey, mid-morning yesterday, Monday. According to the complainant, … Read more

Vienna: Woman wanted to buy drugs with a fake prescription

From . – 24.02.2021 11:28 (Akt. 24.02.2021 15:48) An officer was injured during the police operation in the Viennese pharmacy. © APA (symbol picture) On Tuesday there was a police operation on Vienna’s Mariahilfer Strasse after a 31-year-old woman tried to buy drugs in a pharmacy with a fake prescription. A Viennese woman tried to … Read more

KV4.0 pioneers in Malta for “live, learn, work”

The practical year of the KV 4.0 The practical year consists of 4 modules: • Change of page Looking beyond one’s own nose opens up new horizons. KV4.0 learners should get an insight into other companies during their training. The temporary change to an unknown industry or even another profession makes it possible to get … Read more