an officer was injured!

Posted on Thursday, April 1, 2021 at 7:03 p.m. By Jessica collini A big police operation was carried out during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, rue Constantin Meunier in Pâturages. Police officers from the Boraine zone intervened in large numbers. During the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, around 1 a.m., a fight broke out … Read more

“We didn’t know them but they were happy that we played with them”

The video has been running for several hours on social networks. We see two policemen and young people. There is no question here of violent behavior on the part of one or the other, on the contrary. Everything takes place in joy and good humor around a soccer ball. One of the policemen is called … Read more

Nathanaël received 36 blows in 4 minutes, “I no longer live in Liège, my life is shattered, I have nightmares about it”

Posted on Wednesday, March 3, 2021 at 9:23 p.m. By allison mazzoccato In July 2016, Nathanaël was arrested by the Liège police for having consumed a can of beer in the street. The young man is administratively arrested and taken to the police station in Natalis. The search turns sour and despite an absence of … Read more

In Nizhnevartovsk, a dog found a bracelet worth 20 thousand rubles

10:02 24.02.2021 258 views In Nizhnevartovsk, a dog helped find a lost jewel. The fact is that the woman from Vartov was returning home by taxi together with an acquaintance who had left earlier. He also paid for the trip. When the Ugra woman reached her destination, the taxi driver said that there was not enough … Read more

Irish owner fell into a ditch, dog called the police for help | The Faithful Dog | Epoch Times

[Epoch Times February 16, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Xu Haiyun compiled a report) An elderly Irishman fell while walking his dog outside and fell into a ditch, unable to climb out. If it wasn’t for his faithful dog, he might be in big trouble. Surprisingly, like a scene in the movie, his pet dog ran to … Read more

Liège: the three police officers arrested for rape were released on conditions

These three police officers had been placed under arrest warrant and imprisoned following acts which had taken place in the private sphere. The alleged victims were acquaintances of the suspects, even acquaintances of acquaintances. Lhe three police officers who had been placed under arrest warrant and charged with acts of rape and voyeurism were released … Read more

Three police officers injured and three arrests after the control of a biker in Laeken

The three officers left the hospital with eight days of incapacity for work each. TPolice kings were taken to hospital and three people were subject to judicial arrest following the check of a biker on Sunday afternoon around 1:00 p.m. in Laeken, the spokesperson said at the end of the day. of the Brussels-Ixelles police … Read more

searches continue in Emptinne

Posted on Friday, February 5, 2021 at 2:32 p.m. Through C.H. Police work continues in Emptinne this Friday. The prosecution confirmed the link with the searches of 15 days ago. Searches started on Thursday in Emptinne (Hamois). They continue this Friday. The local police, the federal police and some members of the army are still … Read more