Creative thinking makes products more interesting

Original title: Creative thinking makes products more interesting (Internet Big Coffee Show) Gif Gaffthe company(Giffgaff) is a mobile network company headquartered in the United Kingdom, providing users with a fast and stable networkservice. The company’s name has the meaning of “mutual assistance” in Scottish English. This is exactly the company’s operating philosophy-dedicated to providing unique … Read more

Herb therapist develops recipes to bring out the deliciousness of tea and herbs!New tea series “LUMINA” with the theme of beauty and health –Press release of Tokyo Tea Trading Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Tea Trading Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuichi Otsuka), which imports and wholesales tea leaves, is from the tea brand “Mug & Pot” that develops the concept of “Bring tea for brighter days”. , Released the herb blended tea “LUMINA” series with the theme of beauty and health. Seven types of lineups (864 … Read more

How can you improve the liquidity of your company? | Additional features

The Bank of Spain confirms the consequences that the coronavirus pandemic has had for companies: “COVID-19 is having an unprecedented negative impact on economic activity and, in particular, on company revenues, causing in some cases these are insufficient to meet the promised payments ”. The regulatory body estimates that 70% of the business fabric needed … Read more

Planning cooperation for sex education picture book development in the sex education site “Life Education” and Panasonic FUTURE LIFE FACTORY “YOUR NORMAL” project

Siblings LLC (Headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Yuki Miyahara, hereinafter “Siblings”) is a sex education picture book for the new project “YOUR NORMAL” of Panasonic Corporation’s design studio FUTURE LIFE FACTORY (for early childhood). We cooperated in the planning of “YOUR NORMAL: Thinking about you”. ◼︎ What is YOUR NORMAL project? The YOUR NORMAL project is … Read more

Huvemec with ivermectin is already in pharmacies

The Executive Agency for Medicines (BDA) has authorized the use of the medicinal product in Bulgaria. “Хювемек”With № BG / MA / MP-52949 containing the active substance ivermectin. In the brief description of the product, which is already on the Bulgarian market, it is written that it can be used for the treatment of gastrointestinal … Read more

Denmark will create a ‘crown’ that will allow people to go to restaurants, concerts and travel

Drafting 9/2/2021Comments The Danish authorities have announced the creation of a digital vaccination certificate, starting in the spring, that will allow its citizens to confirm their immune status in order to go to restaurants, attend cultural and sporting events or travel. Acting Danish Finance Minister Morten Bodskov has announced the development of a ‘crown’, a … Read more

6 new products released from “Caesar (R) Tray Natural Material Recipe” (January 27, 2021) | BIGLOBE News

Additive-free (no coloring or flavoring) comprehensive nutritional wet food using carefully selected natural ingredients~ A lineup of popular beef from Caesar (R) and products for seniors over 14 years old are now available ~ Mars Japan Limited (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Shinichi Goto, hereinafter “Mars Japan”) is a tray-type comprehensive nutritional wet food “Caesar® Tray” … Read more

how the 80th birthday of Valery Zolotukhin will be celebrated in the Altai Territory

The main anniversary events will end in September Photo: Oleg UKLADOV This year, the Altai Territory will celebrate the 80th anniversary of the birth of the People’s Artist of Russia Valery Zolotukhin. Shows of performances, festivals, exhibitions, concerts and much more are planned in the region. The program of events was approved by Minister of … Read more

Smoked turbot with terrine of roasted leeks, orange reduction and cava foam

TELL ME-UB 28/12/2020Comments Do you want to surprise this New Year’s Eve? Check out the recipe that CETT prepares: smoked turbot with roasted leeks terrine, orange reduction and cava foam. Time: 90min For 5 persons (Smoked turbot) 500g clean turbot 30g sugar 15g sea salt 15g smoked salt Cover the pieces of turbot with the … Read more

Year-end shopping guide for digital products!Grand carnival with the Edifier FunBuds Bluetooth headset_ 东方

Original title: Year-end shopping guide for digital products!Grand carnival with the Edifier FunBuds Bluetooth headset Due to the end of the yearPerformance, And the coming yearproductRefurbishment makes the product price at the end of the year tend to be lower than other time periods. At the end of the year, have you prepared your shopping … Read more