in contact with the rays all their life, nurses fight to have their occupational disease recognized

«In the 1970s and 1980s, chemotherapy was prepared with bare hands on bench tops, without a hood to suck toxic fumes, without a mask and even without gloves, while today nurses are dressed like cosmonauts», Testifies Colette (the first names are changed), 70 years old, former nurse of the Center for the fight against cancer … Read more

concerts, circus, fights without rules

. A photo: Tatiana PODYABLONSKAYA STORY ABOUT CAPTAIN GATTERAS On February 19, the Voronezh Concert Hall will host a concert program as part of subscription number 3. The famous artist Grigory Siyatvinda will come on tour. The actor will read “The Story of Captain Hatteras, Mitya Strelnikov, the Bully Vaska Taburetkin and the Evil Cat … Read more

The modernized Nissan NV300 is coming. The arrival of the Renault Trafic brother to the Czech Republic will be decided by the price

Nissan NV300 comes in a modernized package. The facelift follows shortly after a major innovation by its sibling, the Renault Trafic. The Nissan brand is profiled on the Czech market mainly as a manufacturer of SUVs and crossovers, but elsewhere in the world it is also active in the field of commercial vehicles. Even in … Read more

Annick Benz, text, editing, storytelling, proofreading, research & digitization on

History and writing are my passion and my best qualities. Especially for companies, the importance of history cannot be overestimated today. Because in a time characterized by upheavals, globalization, standardization and fast pace, history is a valuable building block for the company’s own positioning in the market , creative, informative and emotional preparation of company … Read more

Profi launches a hybrid store format and announces goals for the next 3 years: over 200 stores annually and Lidl’s place in the market

Proximity, ie near the house or convenience, ie a store with products that you would need every day? What do Romanians need in the Covid-19 era? The answer comes from the retailer Profi, the largest chain of stores nationwide, which decided to test the market with a concept that combines the functionality of both types … Read more

The new boss of “Amazon” – a shark that smells blood 160 km

He will be an outstanding leader, says Jeff Bezos of the nomination Andy Jesse is a “professional shark” who can’t do without Buffalo chicken wings and is so crazy about sports that he built a sports bar in his basement and even bought the local hockey team. His colleagues describe him as an unpretentious and … Read more

Of all the arts, cinema is the most important – Newspaper Kommersant No. 18 (6980) from 02/03/2021

The consumption of cultural goods in the Russian Federation increases with the growth of income and professional status, and decreases due to age, deterioration in health and marriage. Cinema is the most popular cultural event, while museums are the least popular. In general, cultural activity in the Russian Federation is determined by the same factors … Read more

Young talents of Yamal will receive grants from the governor

Young talents will receive grants from the Governor of Yamal. Recall that the scholarship is awarded for outstanding creative achievements and is established for a year to students in educational organizations in the field of culture and art. This year, 48 applications from candidates were submitted for consideration. The best of them – 30 students … Read more

Sobyanin instructed to continue the project “School of Professional Growth”

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced the extension of the “School of Professional Growth” project, in which medical students are participants. Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin signed a decree on the basis of which the implementation of the project will be continued “School of professional growth” for medical students, the press service of the Moscow mayor’s office … Read more

UCAM Esports, the only professional electronic sports club in the Region

The Catholic University of Murcia began working with electronic sports in 2016 with the launch of a pioneering international chair in this area. As with traditional sport, the University has also arranged a scholarship scheme for these players. An example of this is José Manuel Pardo, a promising young man from the Esports university team, … Read more