Record of applications for aid from the Factory: 68 proposals for 8 cultural scholarships

The aid for artistic creation provided by the Avilés Cultural Factory has been consolidated, judging by the volume of proposals submitted for the five artistic disciplines offered. The Department of Culture has counted a total of 68 applications for the different modalities: plastic arts, performing arts, graphic arts, audiovisual arts and artistic creation at the … Read more

How do you get rich as a triathlete, Thorsten Radde? by triathlon talk

published on 2021-02-19T08:04:25Z Thorsten Radde is the man behind a lot of numbers, statistics and forecasts in triathlon. A few days ago, the man from Hamburg published the “Triathlon Money List”, the worldwide money list in our sport, which Anne Haug will head for 2020. Which trends are hidden behind the current figures? At what … Read more

Bitcoin, record levels this week: How much did a person who invested $ 100 in 2009 earn in cryptocurrency – News by sources

This week bitcoin reached a new record level, exceeding $ 48,000, according to CoinDesk data, quoted by CNBC. Even if the asset was extremely volatile, those who kept it for a long time obtained incredible gains, writes Mediafax. A person who invested in bitcoin when it was first launched in 2009 could now have millions … Read more

Almost got a second dog by One Devops Dog • A podcast on Anchor

Disclaimer: in the first block, I did not calculate the wind-blocking capabilities of the microphone attachment, and therefore the recording contains some unpleasant special effects. I apologize. In addition, in the second block, I say the word “Jews” many times, which means “orthodox Jews,” because everyone else is a goyim, as you know. And in … Read more

The head of the Federal Reserve System predicted “many years” of recovery of the labor market in the United States :: Economy :: RBC

The recovery of the US labor market, affected by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, may take years, the head of the Fed said. According to the authorities, in 2020, the decline in the US economy was a record since the Second World War Jerome Powell (Photo: Susan Walsh, Pool / AP) It could take … Read more

61: Use the motivation letter to stand out by Win the scholarship of your dreams

published on 2020-12-09T18:51:01Z This is the 1st key if you want to get a Master’s scholarship to study and live in another country. 80% of success in applying to one is found in the motivation letter. 👀 If you want to get a scholarship to do your Master or Doctorate in another country, I invite … Read more