Readers’ Complaints: A Forgotten Coconut Milk

Abu and Yoyo release all the steam that has caused them not to find indications and quantities in the recipe for Dal of lentils and coconut with broccoli: “It’s good that they have opened a valve to release that steam that accumulates as we read the recipes or at the time of making them. Reading … Read more

Rural Development will modify the animal health law to regulate the size of farms

The Minister of Rural Development and Environment of the Government of Navarra, Itziar Gómez, has advanced that her department “will modify the Navarra regional law of animal health to regulate the size of farms when it is directly linked to reducing epidemiological risks.” Gómez made it known in a parliamentary commission, requested by EH Bildu, … Read more

Video: Scrambled Eggs Two Ways

The origin of cracked or smashed eggs is uncertain, but what is clear is who is responsible for making them so popular today. Lucio Blázquez made them fashionable in the eighties at the Casa Lucio in Madrid, and since then they have become a regular cover in many bars and restaurants throughout Spain. One of … Read more