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2401.- Information, recommendations and resources for teaching activity Guidelines for planning teaching for the 2020-2021 academic year (pdf) (in Catalan) … 2402.- Scholarships and grants Some of the scholarships and grants that can be requested to pursue a degree are: General grant Equity grant AGAUR grants to promote training and accreditation of third languages ​​UB … Read more

Edit Policy: Brockhaus Deal – Digital Education vs. Real Life in Germany

This decision is emblematic of the state of digital education in Germany: The Ministry of Schools and Education of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia is spending 2.6 million euros on a three-year license for the Brockhaus online reference work. In addition to the online encyclopedia, the package of digital learning materials includes a youth and … Read more

Police are looking for the arsonist at the Place Liedts police station

Posted on Sunday, February 28, 2021 at 3:12 p.m. The police are issuing a search notice to find a suspected arsonist. The latter is said to have set fire to the police station in Place Liedts in Schaerbeek after a demonstration on January 13 in tribute to Ibrahima B., a young man who died after … Read more

Roche: Interesting drivers in the portfolio and in the pipeline (The Shareholder) | Stocks of the day

Kulmbach ( – Roche analysis of “Der Aktionär”: Marion Schlegel from the investor magazine “Der Aktionär” takes a close look at the participation certificate of the pharmaceutical company Roche AG (ISIN: CH0012032048, WKN: 855167, ticker symbol: RHO5, SIX Swiss Ex: ROG) in a current analysis. The Schweitzer Group’s corona antigen rapid test received a special … Read more

Research Says One Dose of Pfizer Vaccine is Very Effective in Reducing the Risk of Covid-19 Infection

PR CIREBON – Various countries have received the Covid-19 vaccine from a number of pharmaceutical companies, such as Pfizer and Sinovac. Vaccination programs have also been carried out by many countries to fight Covid-19 infection and stop transmission. Research on the Covid-19 vaccine continues to grow in line with the many curiosity of scientists. Also … Read more

Scholarships for entrants: the registration period is extended

The Call for Scholarships for Entrants will extend your online registration until March 07 so that students can obtain the exclusive documentation and upload it to the online form. Students who have passed or are completing pre-university and are beginning a university degree this year for the first time, will be able to choose between … Read more

XIX International Specialized Exhibition of Educational Services “Education and Career-2021”

From 18 to 20 February 2021, the XIX International Specialized Exhibition of Educational Services “Education and Career-2021” was held at the Palace of Arts in Minsk. The exhibition was attended by 38 higher educational institutions, as well as colleges, lyceums, educational centers. More than 11 thousand participants of the exhibition were able to consult with … Read more

Firefighters explain why the land where Tomás’s body was found had not been considered

One of the key teams to find the body of Tomás Bravo was that of Firemen, who together with police personnel they traveled for 9 days the nearly eight kilometers of the terrain that was investigated. About, Ítalo Parietti, leader of the USAR team in Concepción, declared that “the feeling that the whole team has … Read more

Appointment of scholarship in the Colegio Mayor del Rosario in favor of José María García

Summary Application from María Isabel de Madariaga for one of the formal scholarships available at the Colegio Mayor del Rosario for her son José María García de Toledo. The rector of the Colegio Mayor and the viceroy archbishop of Nueva Granada approved and granted the applicant the first scholarship that was left free at the … Read more

Hitomi YOSHIDA –First-class scholarship “Exemption from refund due to outstanding achievements” (Unofficial decision) –Award

Hitomi YOSHIDA –First-class scholarship “Exemption from refund due to outstanding achievements” (Unofficial decision) –Award –researchmap Award Japan Student Services Organization .