Fyyri: The library as a pandora’s box | Blog From the shooter to the city

Decades ago, a library stopped being a place to read books — let alone to store them — to become a space in which to activate people. There books – of course – but also light and, above all, discovery play a fundamental role. In Kirkkonummi, near Helsinki, the old reading room – a concrete … Read more

Liese Prokop Scholarship 2021/2022: Applications possible until June 4th

Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF) supports committed students who are entitled to asylum Vienna (OTS) – The Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF) is awarding the Liese Prokop grant for the eighth time this year. Students entitled to asylum with very good academic results can now submit applications for the coming academic year by June 4, 2021. The … Read more

Schools – Kiel – North SPD calls for pact for more school social work – education

April 10, 2021, 10:43 a.m. Schools – Kiel:Northern SPD calls for a pact for more school social work Open detailed view Martin Habersaat, deputy chairman of the SPD parliamentary group and spokesman for education policy. Photo: Christian Charisius / dpa / archive image (Photo: dpa) Directly from the dpa news channel Kiel (dpa / lno) … Read more

Norwegian premier fined for exceeding the number of guests at the anniversary :: Society :: RBC

Three more people came to Erna Solberg’s birthday than the government she heads allowed. The police decided to defiantly punish the prime minister with a fine for violating quarantine restrictions Ernu Sulberg (Фото: Sean Gallup / Getty Images) The Royal Police have fined Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg for violating social distancing rules during the … Read more

Dream job! £20 an hour for watching dog photos at home_ProDog

Original title: Dream job!Pay 20 pounds an hour for watching dog photos at home according toUnited KingdomThe Mirror reported on April 8 that recently, a dog food company called ProDog Raw recruited 10 people,ToDevelopA survey。ThesurveyAim toTo study whether photos of dogs can relieve stress, participants watched dog photos every hourcanEarn 20 pounds (about 90 yuan). … Read more

Another cop! Bangkhen Police Station (PEI) is addicted to Covid

Assistant Director, Bangkhen Police Station Infected with COVID-19 Accelerate timeline check Spraying disinfectants in the police station, 31 people have been infected. Yesterday night (8 Apr. 64) Pol. Col. Attaphon has voice of Police Commissioner, Bang Khen Police Station Has been tested for COVID-19. Which test results came out positive or infected Most recently, he … Read more

In Maloyaroslavets district, rescuers got a dog out of the river

For some reason, the dog ended up in the middle of the local river Luzha. Local rescuers turned to their Obninsk colleagues for help. To rescue the dog, the Emergencies Ministry employee had to enter the cold water up to his waist and drag the animal to the shore in his hands, said Sergey Krasko, … Read more

Recipes: Healthy snacks for in between

It is therefore better to focus on foods high in protein and fiber. This means that the blood sugar does not rise as quickly, the insulin curve remains flatter and you stay full longer. If you have a “little hunger” in between, you should opt for snacks that do not activate the insulin production so … Read more

What you need to know about the ePA: advantages, limits and risks of the electronic patient record

There is still a need for action here The problem is that this year the patient cannot yet choose which documents he would like to release for which doctor. It’s only possible: all or nothing. “For example, not everyone wants the dentist to know that the patient is being treated for depression. Such selective data … Read more

Ticino 24 – All the news from Italy for the Canton of Ticino – Stresa Festival: nature, great guests, anniversaries and news

STRESA – 6.04.2021 – Trees are the symbol of the sixtieth Stresa Festival, scheduled – without prejudice to the unpredictability of current times – from July to September.To choose silence and nature as the leitmotif of the next edition is the new artistic director Mario Brunello, which has taken the place it has been long … Read more