In France, Russian weapons were called science fiction

In France, Russian weapons were called science fiction A photo: Anna SADOVNIKOVA Talking about Russian weapons, a columnist for the French publication Atlantico Xavier Rofe came to the conclusion that the leaders of European countries got lost between ignorance of recent events and long-standing stereotypes, calling the Russian arsenal much more high-tech than most people … Read more

what artists to expect in the near future

Sergey Bezrukov Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN If last year the residents of Vladimir were content with the performances of artists online, this time the residents of the regional capital will enjoy a variety of concerts and performances with the personal participation of stars. So who will come to please us in the coming months? February with … Read more

Sobyanin announced a decline in the COVID-19 epidemic in Moscow :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Andrey Lyubimov / RBC In the capital, the number of new cases of coronavirus infection is decreasing, which allows the authorities to gradually return the city to normal life. This was stated by Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, reports TASS. “Today we can say with confidence that the pandemic has begun to decline. We began … Read more

January 24, Sunday, we will celebrate International Popsicle Day, International Education Day, Compliment Day, Just Do It Day “AstrakhanFM

Sunday is Just Do It Day. If you’ve tinkered with all sorts of household chores, then it’s time to get some rest! “Just do it,” don’t resist your happiness. Education is a human right, public good and public responsibility. The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the International Day of Education on 24 January in recognition … Read more