Chile Yahualica. Color and flavor of Jalisco with denomination of origin

Its heat, aroma and texture make it unique in the whole country, the Yahualica chili is not only the favorite for hundreds of dishes, it is a product that gives Jalisco its identity., especially to 11 municipalities that produce, process, market and export it with official support because since 2018 it has a designation of … Read more

399 yuan, Xiaomi Smart Electric Pressure Cooker 5L is on the shelf: it can cook 20 bowls of rice_Support

2021-03-28 22:45 Source: IT House Original title: 399 yuan, Xiaomi Smart Electric Pressure Cooker 5L Shelf: can cook 20 bowls of rice IT Home News on March 28 Xiaomi recently launched a series of Xiaomi small appliances on Jingdong Mall. For example, this Mijia Xiaomi Smart Electric Pressure Cooker 5L is priced at 399 yuan, … Read more

Chicken and leek soup ‘cock-a-leekie’

Can you read cock-a-leekie without it sounding like the crowing of a rooster in your head? I bet not. Is this one of the best names a chicken soup can have? Surely yes. Well, it is not the only good thing about this traditional Scottish soup: its flavor a little salty, a little sweet, smooth … Read more

In Krivoy Rog, yard dogs bit a child – social networks

In Dolgintsevsky district, a child suffered from the teeth of a yard dog. The animal bit the boy’s leg when he returned home from school. Dmitry Kurganov announced this in one of the local communities on the social network. Photos from the social network On March 9, not far from house No. 42 on the … Read more

PRIVATE @ The Chow Kit/”Open House” Dining! , New Experience of Alternative Room Service-Supplement |

Food, although most of the time the focus is on food, in the whole process of dining, the deliciousness of food is important, but the object, atmosphere, environment, and procedure of the meal are also moved into the entire dining experience. Every element is the key to a good meal. Come to PRIVATE @ The … Read more

Chicken with garlic, lemon and Señora

Chicken drumsticks are a great meat option when we want to prepare a tasty meal without spending too much time. They are much more tender than the breast since they have a little more fat -about 2.7 grams more per 100, it is not any excess-, and if we use them boneless and cut them … Read more

How does the traditional culture of intangible cultural heritage enter the live broadcast room and integrate it into modern life? _ Oriental Fortune Network

Original title: How does the traditional culture of intangible cultural heritage enter the live broadcast room and integrate it into modern life?, Beijing, March 3 “When you hear the local accent, you are going home”, “I heard the New Year when I was a child”… During the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival this year, … Read more

Minestrone green or genovesa soup

This substantial, consistent and super satisfying soup, which we can prepare with legumes, vegetables and pasta or rice -or all together, depending on the mood and the pantry we have-, is seasoned with Genoese pesto. This is how they do it in Provence, neighboring the Italian region of Liguria where Genoa is located, with many … Read more

Why higher education is going out of style

Higher education is losing ground. Since the 2000s, we have closed a lot of dummy universities that simply traded in diplomas A photo: Alexey BULATOV An interesting time is coming: the pursued higher education is becoming less popular. Last year, an almost historic event took place – the number of those who go to colleges … Read more

Sauteed snow peas | Recipes El Comidista EL PAÍS

Snow peas or bisaltos, for those who do not know them, are a Mediterranean legume with a pod reminiscent of the pea. Closely related to this green legume, it is a variety of which the pod is consumed, with a very pleasant sweet taste, without shelling, because the seeds it contains are very small. The … Read more