Scrapping and cancellation of folders 2021; instructions from the Revenue Agency

The first clarifications of the Inland Revenue arrive regarding the measures contained in the Sostegni decree on fiscal peace: extension of the ter scrapping, cancellation of folders up to 5 thousand euros and extension of the terms for the 2021 installments. Deletion of folders up to 5 thousand euros The Sostegni decree provides for the … Read more

Tax: the cancellation of 60 million tax bills is ready

March 4, 2021 The first indications arrive on the Support Decree, which collects the baton of the previous Ristori decrees and is being finalized at the Ministry of Economy. The draft circulated on Wednesday includes Cassa-Covid and extension of the redundancy block, non-repayable refreshments (with the specification by Minister Giorgetti that they will no longer … Read more