Artistic studies in the pandemic: acting lessons via zoom?

With the violin in front of the computer, performing games in the shared room – studying like this is hardly possible, say teachers. Students are insecure. Theater rehearsals in times of the pandemic: Instead of on the stage in the shared room Photo: image BERLIN taz | Lack of motivation, loneliness and bad internet: Studying … Read more

The Ethics Council: On the nature of friendship

Should a friend spare you the nakedness of having to ask for help? The Ethics Council is also intimidatingly exemplary on this issue. The ethics council stood in front of a booth whose fried foods rightly enjoyed a very good reputation Photo: Jens Ressing / dpa Recently, I was standing in line at a booth … Read more

Berlin Radio Festival defies Corona: Good to hear

Music is always a question of format. If you want new music, you have to choose the radio at the Ultrasound Festival. Smart radio makes listening to the radio even better Foto: picture alliance/dpa The medium and the message: you always have to think about it. The fact that vinyl, for example, continues to be … Read more

One year after the Covid outbreak: How China is triumphing

The corona pandemic appears to have been overcome in China and the economy is booming. The West will have to prepare for an aggressive great power in 2021. A globe in a park in Wuhan: this is where the coronavisus began its journey around the world Photo: Ng Han Guan / ap It has been … Read more