Culture and Corona: Hanover Concerts boss Nico Röger: “We lack any perspective”

The concepts for events this year are ready in the drawer. In order to realize it, Hannover Concerts boss Nico Röger (34) needs a perspective from politics and finally a “plan with a structure that will not be overturned”, as he expresses unusually clearly in the NP interview about one year of Corona . What … Read more

Lost a year in education because of Corona? Interview with educational scientist Olaf Köller

An interview with educationalists – Did we lose a year for education, Professor Köller? Face-to-face teaching is important, but not everything – says Kiel educational scientist Olaf Köller. In the interview, he explains how the deficits of the past few months need to be dealt with – and what the school of the future should … Read more

Pastor Harriet Maczewski is moving from Wilkenburg to Hanover-Waldhausen

Im Wilkenburger The parsonage has now stacked the moving boxes. Because Pastor Harriet Maczewski (48) is leaving the St. Vitus parish, which has around 1000 members, to which Harkenbleck also belongs. In the first week of January she and her family went to the Protestant Timotheus Congregation in Hanover-Waldheim /Waldhausen drawn. In August 2009, Maczewksi … Read more