Lions are also helping seniors in the pandemic

They are active in the pandemic even under difficult conditions: The senior officers of Neustadt’s Lions Club. Klaus Zimmermann, Hans-Georg Streibel and Gernot Feldmann want to encourage others to take action themselves with small campaigns. The three Lions who are committed to helping elderly citizens are themselves all over the age of 80. “For many … Read more

Dog Teddy has disappeared in Stralsund and theft cannot be ruled out

And then suddenly he was gone! The animal welfare organization Tasso reported 80,000 runaway animals in 2018 – and the trend is rising. They run away in shock, get lost or are taken away by strangers. This sad fate also overtook Jasmin Holz from Groß Kedingshagen. Your little Chihuahua Teddy has not been found since … Read more

Isernhagen-Neuwarmbüchen: Corinna Rogalla gives online cooking courses

“I don’t get my cream stiff,” complains Jens Kügler from Munich. “Why does my yeast dough still not work the way you do?” Asks Christian Finckenstein from Hanover. “Can you use sea salt grains instead of sea salt flakes?” Asks Diana Reichstein from Neuwarmbüchen. Leona Lukulla alias Corinna Rogalla gives answers to the questions and … Read more

A retirement home in Hannover-Kleefeld makes television for its residents

Only those who successfully pass the fever measurement and the corona rapid test are allowed to enter. As in every residential facility for senior citizens, visits and encounters at the GDA Wohnstift in Hannover-Kleefeld are strictly regulated and pandemic-friendly. And even if practically everything is different at the moment – the residents don’t have to … Read more