Russia transferred ships from the Caspian flotilla to the Black Sea. Maneuvers explained by teachings

More than 10 vessels worked before leaving the basing point in Makhachkala full cycle of basic training and completed coursework tasks at sea. The crews of the boats, together with the forces of the Black Sea Fleet, will participate in the credit naval exercises, told the Russian military. By order of the commander of the … Read more

USA went elephant – Newspaper Kommersant β„– 43 (7005) from 03/15/2021

Washington took a decisive step towards creating an anti-Chinese military-political alliance by holding the first summit of the leaders of the Quadripartite Security Dialogue (QUAD), which, in addition to the United States, included Japan, Australia and India. It is the “Indian elephant” that Washington assigns the most active role in the alliance. The unresolved territorial … Read more

We need to make military education more modern and flexible / GORDON

Much has been done in Ukraine to reform military education, but it is necessary to continue to develop this direction, said the People’s Deputy from Servant of the People Iryna Vereshchuk. Military education in Ukraine must continue to be reformed, said the People’s Deputy from Servant of the People Iryna Vereshchuk. She posted the video … Read more

NATO military exercises began in the Black Sea

NATO’s Poseidon 21 international military exercise kicked off in the Black Sea. Six member countries of the alliance are taking part in the maneuvers. β€œThe exercises are attended by forces from Bulgaria, France, Greece, Romania, Spain, the United States and Turkey. Poseidon 21 is a highly complex exercise. Their goal is to make optimal use … Read more

A realistic training battle between T-80U and Korean K1 was shown on video

Russian-made T-80Us continue to be actively used in the ground forces of South Korea. In a recently released video, armored vehicles fought training duels with K1E1 manufactured by the country’s military industry. The fighting took place in a purpose-built urban block at the nearby Combat Training Center (KCTC) training ground in Inje, Gangwon Province. To … Read more