How to follow the prices of the stock market and your cryptocurrencies in the terminal? – Korben

If you are in love with the terminal and the command line and at the same time you are a Sunday trader or even a cryptotrader, I have a great tool for you called Ticker. Ticker allows you to view at a glance a table containing the values ​​of your choice, both traditional stock prices … Read more

Russia Fines Twitter For Not Removing Banned Messages | NOW

A Russian court has fined Twitter 3.2 million rubles (more than 35,000 euros) for not removing banned messages from its platform, according to the government. This includes messages calling on teenagers to participate in prohibited protests. Internet watchdog Roskomnadzor states that Twitter has failed to remove illegal content. Stories about, for example, child pornography and … Read more

Myanmar army further restricts internet access | NOW

The internet in Myanmar is being further restricted. The country’s military is forcing telecom companies to stop offering wireless internet connections, the news agency reports Reuters Friday. Mobile internet had already been shut down earlier. Why all other wireless internet connections are now also banned, the military government has not explained. It is probably because … Read more fined 475,000 euros for late reporting of data breach | NOW

The Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) has fined EUR 475,000 for reporting a data breach too late. Criminals have stolen personal data of more than four thousand customers and credit card data of three hundred customers. The criminals extracted employees of 40 hotels in the United Arab Emirates by phone log-in details for their … Read more

Military terrorism continues in Myanmar | siraj daily

Protesters in Myanmar are constantly being killed by the military, which has overthrown an elected government. More than 400 unarmed protesters have already been shot dead by the army. On Saturday, Armed Forces Day, 114 people, including women and children, were killed. According to international media reports, the army opened fire on a crowd at … Read more

Venezuela calls President Maduro’s ban on Facebook ‘digital totalitarianism’ | NOW

The Venezuelan government has accused Facebook of “digital totalitarianism” for blocking President Nicolás Maduro’s page for 30 days. That happened because, according to the platform, Maduro had spread disinformation about the corona virus. Maduro claimed in a video that the drug Carvativir can fight the corona virus, without providing evidence. That’s against Facebook’s rules. The … Read more

Parler says he has warned the FBI more than fifty times about imminent violence | NOW

The controversial social network Parler says it warned the FBI more than 50 times about imminent violence in the weeks before the storming of the Capitol. Parler writes this in a letter to Democrat Carolyn Maloney, who represents the state of New York in the House of Representatives on Thursday. For example, Parler reported that … Read more

In Saudi Arabia, 482 people were killed in 24 hours siraj daily

Dammam | Kovid infected 482 people in 24 hours in Saudi Arabia. Six died and 360 were cured, the health ministry said. More Kovid confirmed in the capital, Riyadh province. For 204 people. The other provinces are Makkah 84, Eastern Province 76, Northern Border Region 34, Madinah 21, Hail 14, Al Qasim 13, Jizan 10, … Read more

Intel’s 22 trillion won is difficult to target Samsung’s second place

Enter 2021.03.25 06:00 Intel officially entered the foundry (semiconductor consignment production) business. Intel, which is facing a crisis due to the churn of its major customers, shows its determination to become the most competitive American company among foundry companies with a large investment of over 22 trillion won. Intel’s semiconductor production technology is at a … Read more

French organization sues Facebook for spreading disinformation | NOW

The French press freedom organization Reporters sans Frontières (RSF) has started a lawsuit against Facebook. According to the organization, the platform is violating its own terms by not providing users with a secure environment, reports Endgaget. According to RSF, Facebook would not take sufficient measures to prevent the spread of hatred and disinformation. The organization … Read more