Too much training and tactics, too little technique. The out-of-fashion training of Serie A

In the Premier, Bundesliga and Liga you work on the pitch and with the ball. With us, on the other hand, too much importance is given to tactics and dry works. The result? We are slow and play with little quality Fabrizio Salvio April 2 – Milano It is not true that less is played … Read more

Audi is ending the development of new internal combustion engines

Four circles believe that the future of cars lies in electricity. That’s why Audi will no longer develop the next new generation of internal combustion engines. In recent years, automakers have been racing to expand their power lines. Some manufacturers are even reporting that they will only produce electric cars in the future. Related to … Read more

BMW is preparing the Neue Klasse again. It will arrive in 2025

Neue Klasse was a series of cars that saved BMW in the 1960s and defined it as a manufacturer of sports sedans. After years, he will return, again as a pioneer of a new era. The BMW Group is another carmaker that presents ambitious plans in the field of electromobility. The Munich manufacturer will significantly … Read more

Artichokes marinated in olive oil

Every drone person who is torn between the love for artichokes and the desire to give the least stick to water as possible experiences a kind of revelation when he discovers the technique to cook this whole vegetable in the microwave. Or, failing that, steamed, which is similar. The ease of the process and the … Read more

Exactas-UNLP – Contributions to improve assisted fertilization

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Use modern air conditioners to enjoy these benefits!

Comfort is one of the important aspects of any activity, and the modern ranges of air conditioners can ensure it both at home and at the office. However, the benefits of air conditioning equipment of this type far exceed the comfort zone, ensuring a healthy and clean air to improve the quality of life. That … Read more