Elon Musk does not want to be called “CEO” of Tesla: he will keep his position but with a new title | Technology

Technology Monday March 15, 2021 | 15:57 Archivo | France Media Agency visits Every so often Elon Musk he is in charge of reminding us that he is not just any tycoon. In addition to the achievements promoted by his companies, the billionaire is used to making headlines for events such as smoking marijuana in … Read more

Le Matin – Elon Musk officially proclaimed “king of tech”

It may soon be necessary to address Elon Musk by calling him “sire”: the whimsical boss of Tesla was very officially proclaimed Monday “Technoking” (king of tech) by his company. Its CFO Zach Kirkhorn has meanwhile been awarded the title of “Master of Coin”, probably in reference to the recent purchase by the electric vehicle … Read more