Photo 1: ‘There are the coyotes’: Senators visit the border and are surprised by traffickers

Ted Cruz led a group of 18 senators who traveled to the Rio Grande to observe the border crisis. Texas Senator Ted Cruz led a group of Republicans who traveled to the southern border of the United States to oversee the immigration crisis that President Joe Biden continues to downplay. .

Climate disaster: Did the people of Texas take the warnings seriously?

Texas is barely recovering from a cold spell unlike any seen since 1909. The drop in mercury has claimed many lives and millions of Texans have been deprived of electricity. Julie Lesage comments on American policy in the Quebec media. Residing in Houston, she gives her testimony to Sputnik. A US state recognized for its … Read more

Photos: Texas senator ‘escapes’ to Mexico amid cold snap

In Texas, they accuse Republican Senator Ted Cruz of “escaping” from the inclement cold and unprecedented blackouts in his state to go on vacation to Mexico. Photos widely shared on social media Wednesday show Ted Cruz and his family on a flight to the resort town of Cancun, Mexico. Texans criticized the senator for “fleeing” … Read more

Trump is angry about the “blabbering” of his lawyers. One sued him last year, the other defended the mobsters – ČT24 – Czech Television

A second trial of former President Donald Trump began in the US Senate on Tuesday. Initially, federal lawmakers agreed that considering a lawsuit against a former president at the time was in accordance with the US Constitution, and gave the whole impeachment the green light. They responded positively to the call of Congressman Jamie Raskin, … Read more

How the “amateurs” hit Wall Street and what follows

In just a few days, a story about selling assets in the US financial markets has become a leading topic for investors, professors, hedge fund managers and politicians around the world. This came after users of an online forum managed to raise the share price of a gaming company by 1,600% in just three weeks, … Read more