Keele University adds undergraduate and master’s courses_research

Original title: Keele University adds undergraduate and master courses Keele University (Keele University is a research campus university dedicated to research and education in a wide range of subject areas and interdisciplinary fields. It is a pioneer in providing dual degree courses in British universities. Data shows that Keele University ) The employment rate of … Read more

International | New Mexico State Lottery Scholarship Shrinks Year after Year_Tuition

Original Title: International | New Mexico State Lottery Scholarship Shrunk Year after Year Recently, teachers and students from many schools including New Mexico State University, New Mexico University and New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology jointly launched an initiative to call on the state government to provide more financial support to make up for … Read more

Interview with Gu Zhengping Engineering Scholarship | Zhang Xinlin: Research, Exquisite Thinking, Forge ahead_Contest

Original title: Interview with Gu Zhengping’s Engineering Scholarship | Zhang Xinlin: Research and Delicate Thinking, Forge ahead Talking about the reasons why he chose to participate in scientific research and competitions, Zhang Xinlin replied: “Actually, I have never belonged to the kind of person who is very playful. Therefore, for others, the boring study is … Read more

University of Birmingham Summer Professional English (PSE) Course_UK

Original title: University of Birmingham Summer Professional English (PSE) Course The University of Birmingham (University of Birmingham), referred to as “Berda”, was founded in 1825. It is a school located in Birmingham, England. It is one of the six red brick universities. It was awarded the Royal Charter by Queen Victoria in 1900 . The … Read more

Ph.D. student thousands of pages report letter accuses former tutor of academic misconduct Chang’an University: The content is false and is still under investigation_杨旭

Original title: A thousand-page report letter from a doctoral student accuses a former tutor of academic misconduct. Chang’an University: The content is false and is still under investigation Recently, a 1,035-page report letter written by a PhD student at Monash University in Australia accusing Chang’an University professor Yang Xu of academic misconduct has aroused widespread … Read more

Tobitate! Study Abroad JAPAN Japan Representative Program High School Student Course 7th New High School 1st Grade Academic Takeoff | Study Abroad Scholarship Search | Tobitate! Study Abroad JAPAN

2021/02/05Update Operator Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Tobitate! Study Abroad JAPAN Overview / features Tobitate! Study Abroad JAPAN “Japan Representative Program” is a system that supports students studying abroad through scholarships and training that do not require repayment. We will support the overseas challenges of about 10,000 people through industry-government-academia collaboration. The … Read more

PhD student thousands of pages of report letter real name accuses former tutor of academic misconduct, Monash University Suzhou Campus: Understand_杨旭

Original title: Thousand-page report letter for doctoral students alleging academic misconduct by former tutor in real name, Monash University Suzhou Campus: Knowing On February 2, Liu Jingwei, a PhD student in the School of Engineering, Monash University, Australia, posted a real-name report on the Internet to report his former mentor Yang Xu. He was forced … Read more

2/25 (Thu) Kitamido Concert vol.216 ~ Spring First Place ~ | Event Information | Soai University

* The event and contents are subject to change to prevent new coronavirus infection. Please note. Kitamido Concert vol.216 ~ Put on the first spring ~ 2021.2.25 (Thursday) 12: 25-12: 45 Start Hongan-ji Tsumura Betsuin (Kitamido) Main Hall4-1-3 Honmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka Get off at Osaka Metro Midosuji Line “Honmachi” station A stairs (Exit ② left … Read more

思潮英文 | How much does it cost to study in New Zealand for a year_scholarship

Original title: Ideology English | How much does it cost to study in New Zealand for a year New Zealand’s university education has a first-class level, which is the goal of many students, but if you want to study in New Zealand, you still have to prepare for the corresponding expenses. Now let’s see how … Read more

Succeeded in producing dog iPS cells from dog blood cells –News | Osaka Prefecture University

A research group led by Associate Professor Shingo Hatoya (Department of Cell Pathology), Department of Veterinary Medicine, Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, has been able to efficiently produce canine iPS cells from canine blood cells, which had been difficult to establish. Was successful. Research summary Canine iPS cells are difficult to produce, and … Read more