28 humor tweets about exercising that you can read without breaking a sweat

Exercising is very healthy, or so they say, but it is not easy. Among other things, because there is always something you want more, like reading, eating chocolate or even, depending on the day, ironing. It also doesn’t help to get tired, unlike sleeping or scratching. These 28 tweets will not motivate anyone to burn … Read more

Chicken to the huntress | Recipes El Comidista EL PAÍS

Chicken a la cazadora is a typical Italian second dish, one of those traditional recipes that continues to be a guaranteed success on days of celebration, thanks in large part to the delicious sauce made from onion, carrot, tomato, wine and the same juice. of the bird. It is prepared in regions such as Piedmont, … Read more

Readers’ Complaints: A Forgotten Coconut Milk

Abu and Yoyo release all the steam that has caused them not to find indications and quantities in the recipe for Dal of lentils and coconut with broccoli: “It’s good that they have opened a valve to release that steam that accumulates as we read the recipes or at the time of making them. Reading … Read more

Help !, I am a non-Covid patient | Companies

In the first wave, because non-urgent medical consultations and tests were suspended; later, because of the amount of medical resources absorbed by the coronavirus, and now also because many patients do not want to go to the doctor, unless it is an emergency. Some patients ask to postpone their check-ups for several months for fear … Read more

Why rope jumping is the exercise you need (and a best-selling rope to start with) | Showcase

Looking for a cheap and easy way to exercise? The solution may be to jump rope, a very complete activity, available to almost everyone, and that can be practiced anywhere. As Mario Peña, head of the Estudio LIFE training center, explains “jumping rope is an intense cardiovascular exercise, since any exercise that requires jumping or … Read more

six keys to regain motivation

From the initial stupor we soon passed to exhaustion and it hardly took us long to feel boredom. The coronavirus crisis has not only led to unprecedented job losses in the modern era, but has disrupted our lives psychologically, from the anguish due to mobility restrictions, to the lack of motivation to continue working as … Read more

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Internet security has become essential in our day to day with the Android mobile. So much so that some urban legends have caused many users not to trust the integrity of their smartphones and take them to underuse their functions for fear of being stolen by a cybercriminal. So any help in that direction is … Read more

How to use PDF documents online with Acrobat Web, without programs | Lifestyle

PDF is perhaps the digital equivalent to paper documents. It is only intended to be read and shared and, on occasions, provide some type of interactivity such as having us fill out a form. But it is precisely in its DNA that it cannot be easily edited. On other occasions, we have discussed the advantages … Read more

White ‘Pancakes’ for Carnival | Recipes The Comedian THE COUNTRY

The crepes They are those thin pancakes that you will have tried if you have visited Galicia and that you will know well if you are from that land. A primal behavior related to the frixuelos Asturians, the Crepes French dishes and countless similar curd pancakes from other more or less distant lands. As we … Read more

Lend art like books | Alterconsumismo blog

Arto-what? The artoteca is a very recent Gallicism. The French writer André Malraux coined the word back in the sixties of the twentieth century when he inaugurated what would be the first art library in the world, opened in Le Havre (France) in 1961. Art galleries prospered over the years throughout the world. French territory … Read more