Viral video | A woman used her underwear as a mask to avoid being thrown out of a store | Facebook | Trends | Social networks | South Africa | nnda nnrt | VIRAL

A video that has been circulating on social networks for several days shows the unusual situation experienced by the clients of a supermarket located in South Africa. A woman, who was not going to be able to pay for her purchases because she was without a mask, did not hesitate to take off her underwear … Read more

Viral | They met at work, they became friends and years later they discover that they are sisters | Julia Tinetti | Cassandra Madison | Trends | Social networks | United States | VIRAL

Through the social media the incredible case of Julia Tinetti and Cassandra Madison, two US citizens who, years after meeting while working in a restaurant, discovered that they are actually biological sisters and that they were separated as children. PLUS: Delivery man is caught studying under a lamppost while waiting for his next delivery In … Read more

Cucuteño wins with revelation award

Eliat Carrillo is a young man in love with music and has persevered until reaching the first fruits. His age does not correspond to his experience, because since he can remember, he has taken sound out of every device he found on his way. He wanted to study percussion, but the resources were not enough … Read more

Facebook | Woman sees her dog fall into the frozen pool and jumps to avoid a catastrophe | USA | USA | viral | nnda nnrt | OFF SIDE

A security camera installed in a Tennessee home, U.S, captured the moment when a woman throws herself into her frozen pool to save the life of one of her beloved dogs. The clip was uploaded to Facebook by the wife’s husband, Mike Tatum. MORE INFORMATION: The dangerous way a girl must cross a river to … Read more

Luis Jara confessed his wishes on television and spoke about his latest viral: “The ridiculous is mine” | TV and Show

The national singer and entertainer Luis Jara He recently confessed his wishes to return to television and spoke about his latest viral video, a strange record in which he appears coming out of a pool dressed in a suit. “The ridiculous is mine,” he said. The interpreter of morning He spoke with Cristián de la … Read more

Facebook | Turtle ‘dances’ while being groomed by a caretaker and upsets social networks | USA | USA | viral | nnda nnrt | VIRAL

Updated on 02/19/2021 04:00 pm Turnip is a radiated tortoise from Madagascar who spends his days at the Tennessee Aquarium, U.S. Recently, this land animal has become famous on social networks after the managers of the establishment published a video of it on Facebook. MORE INFORMATION: This was the persecution of a criminal in Argentina … Read more

Stories | Married couple with COVID-19 say goodbye to their children by video call | USA | USA | nnda nnrt | STORIES

There are few stories capable of moving users of social networks to tears and that of Juan and Blanca Rodríguez is no exception. This couple met during adolescence, hitting it off almost immediately, and their love grew exponentially to the point that, five years after starting their romantic relationship, they decided to get married; however, … Read more

Living trends and furnishing tips: How to make yourself really comfortable – Panorama

<div class="data" title="The walls and floors are rather reserved – but the courage to use color and geometric patterns in the easily replaceable carpet and curtains. Photo: "data-tags =" images "data-imagecount =" 6 "data-videocount =" 0 "data-kaloogaclass =" "data-commentcount =" 0 "data-paidcontent ="“> The walls and floors are rather reserved – but the courage … Read more