The Conspiracy Theory Business: How To Make Money From Fake News | Economy | DW

All advertising is, in a sense, a form of misrepresentation. But whereas before the message was probably trying to sell a real thing – a car or a hamburger – today the message itself is often the product. “The source of value is the observation work that the public does; after all, this is the … Read more

Zotac annoys users with mining advertising

Michael Mercenary With an ad directed to crypto miners, the manufacturer Zotac annoyed users, as a result of which the tweet was deleted. Enlarge RTX 3080: The object of desire for gamers and miners. © Due to production bottlenecks, current graphics cards are currently often out of stock or significantly more expensive. This fact … Read more

Setback to Trump: Order to demolish helipad in Mar-a-Lago

Florida, United States. The helipad built in 2017 in Mar-a-Lago, the private club of southern Florida where the former president resides Donald Trump since he left the White House, was already demolished fulfilling a municipal order, local media reported this Wednesday. The municipality of Palm Beach, the island linked to the mainland by bridges where … Read more

Aceh, the poorest province in Sumatra, Denny Siregar: Alhamdulillah … – Social media activist, Denny Siregar, commented on the matter of Aceh Province which is called the poorest province in Sumatra according to data from the Head of the Aceh Central Statistics Agency (BPS). Denny Siregar’s response was conveyed via his personal Twitter account on Tuesday (16/2/2021) yesterday. In cuitannya it, Denny Siregar expressing … Read more

Argentina: Woman at Carlos Menem’s wake went to “meet the Congress”

Argentina fired the former president Carlos Menem, passed away on Sunday at the age of 90. Menem, who still held his seat as senator, was fired in the Blue Room of Congress in Buenos Aires. In the midst of the pandemic, several people prepared to fire the president between 1989 and 1999. Some simply wanted … Read more

The rapper had a diamond implanted in his forehead: Now he’s bleeding and the fans are scared

All this is accompanied by fears that the jewelry will fall. Or worse, someone would pull him off his forehead. Fears of his fans immediately began to spread on Twitter. “What if someone tears a diamond from his forehead while he sleeps?” for example, one of the users asks. “You better be careful when you … Read more

twitter’s labeling govt-linked handles excludes India | Twitter to label government-linked accounts; India is not on the list

New Delhi: Twitter is all set to expand its program to identify and label verified accounts controlled by government agencies to more countries. The move will take place in Canada, Cuba, Ecuador, Egypt, Germany, Honduras, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey and the UAE. But India is not included. India is … Read more

The government admits it doesn’t have a buzzer, Roy Suryo: I smile to myself reading it – Telematics expert Roy Suryo stated that he “smiled” when he read Fadjroel Rachman’s statement that the government did not have a buzzer. Even though according to Roy Suryo, social media activist Denny Siregar has admitted he is one of the BuzzerRp. Roy Suryo expressed this through his personal Twitter account. In his tweet, … Read more

Corona, live: New investigation into the risk of infection in rooms

The risk of infection is so different in different rooms The length of stay in closed rooms is particularly decisive in the spread of the coronavirus. The longer you stay in a room, the more aerosols are inhaled and thus the risk of becoming infected increases. This was shown by scientists from the TU Berlin … Read more

VIRAL VIDEO | He gave and not advice! Boyfriend gave his “tatequieto” to photographer for getting too close to his wife | Twitter | India | Trends | Trends | nnda nnrt | VIRAL

Updated 02/08/2021 07:10 pm An overreaction or a necessary corrective? This is what more than one wondered on social networks when they saw the video viral of a curious situation that some newlyweds lived in the India and the photographer they hired to immortalize this memorable day with his camera. MORE INFORMATION: La Rosa de … Read more