this is the perfect RECIPE

Making yogurt at home is much easier and faster than you thought, plus it will help you save on the purchase of these products 2020 left us new habits that will surely stay with us for much longer. One of them is spending more time than we used to kitchen room, and do with our … Read more

10 MOVIES ADULTS can’t stop watching

Superheroes are one of the most remembered characters in cinema, and although it may seem somewhat childish, their world can conquer all generations If you thought that Superheros They were boy things, we want to tell you that you are very wrong. Throughout the years there were fantastic characters from the cinema, which undoubtedly left … Read more

the recipe for BEGINNERS in the kitchen

The rain seems to have come to stay a few more days and the weather invites you to eat something sweet, very tasty and, above all, easy to prepare The cool, cloudy and rainy weather invites you to stay indoors, which can possibly get a bit boring. Therefore, to entertain you and have a better … Read more

an easy RECIPE to make at HOME

Medialunas are a classic that is always present in Argentine afternoons, so it is ideal to learn how to make them at home with this recipe In 2020 he stopped the habit of cooking much more at home. A classic of the quarantine were the homemade butter croissants, but as the word “classic” says, these … Read more

Denmark will create a ‘crown’ that will allow people to go to restaurants, concerts and travel

Drafting 9/2/2021Comments The Danish authorities have announced the creation of a digital vaccination certificate, starting in the spring, that will allow its citizens to confirm their immune status in order to go to restaurants, attend cultural and sporting events or travel. Acting Danish Finance Minister Morten Bodskov has announced the development of a ‘crown’, a … Read more

the PANCAKES of Doña Petrona

The cold, the rain and the cloudy days invite you to eat a lot and rich, that’s why we show you a recipe that cannot fail: Doña Petrona’s pancakes Today there are numerous cooking programs around the world. In our country the recent and last success was Masterchef, and perhaps the classic that has not … Read more

the titles that arrive in February

Star will be part of the service and will add to the combo of Disney, Pixar, Marvel and National Geographic, content from 20th Century Fox, FX and Hulu. On February 23, Disney Plus will add nearly 300 Star content to its platform. A huge amount of movies and series that make the rest of the … Read more

these two airlines suspend flights from Ezeiza

The hardening of revenues to Europe due to the expansion of the pandemic hits the airlines. Low seat occupancy, another headache In line with the closing of borders that has been gaining more and more presence in Europe, two companies implemented the suspension of flights from Ezeiza to destinations in the Old Continent. One of … Read more

What is the recipe to keep the DOLLAR calm, according to an expert

Proficio Investment director says investors are pragmatic and it will depend on the President to get assets back on the radar Rafael By Day is director in forward investment. He has more than 20 years of experience investing in emerging markets. Previously, he worked at Deustche Bank (London and New York) between 2006 and 2014, … Read more

Smoked turbot with terrine of roasted leeks, orange reduction and cava foam

TELL ME-UB 28/12/2020Comments Do you want to surprise this New Year’s Eve? Check out the recipe that CETT prepares: smoked turbot with roasted leeks terrine, orange reduction and cava foam. Time: 90min For 5 persons (Smoked turbot) 500g clean turbot 30g sugar 15g sea salt 15g smoked salt Cover the pieces of turbot with the … Read more