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[Epoch Times December 23, 2020](Epoch Times reporter Ma Weifen comprehensive report) Taiwan’s local case of the Chinese Communist Party virus (Wuhan pneumonia) occurred on the 22nd, causing major counties and cities to be affected by the New Year’s Eve and concerts, especially in Beijing. The band starting on Friday (25th) Mayday, and next week’s Zhang Huimei (Amei) New Year’s Eve concert have attracted attention.

Earlier, the central command center issued the principles that currently include large-scale activities, regardless of indoor and outdoor wear masks; no eating and drinking during the entire process; high-frequency cleaning of activity areas and toilets, and adequate hand cleaning supplies must be provided; Joint system, indoor places are not allowed to sell station tickets; people who are in the period of home quarantine, home isolation, independent health management, and those who have fever or are unwell are not allowed to participate. Violators will be severely punished. In order to facilitate the notification of information related to epidemic prevention, participants are requested to bring their mobile phones, and no food or drink is allowed to be sold in the venue, except for the designated sales area.

The Orchestra will perform 6 performances at the Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium on the 25th. The Taoyuan City Government requires the organizer to adopt a strict implementation system, and must bring a mobile phone and QR code ticket stubs, including mandatory on-site masks, temperature measurement, etc. . At present, the city government has cancelled the sales area in coordination with the organizer. When the crowd is too crowded or close to 80%, crowd control will also be carried out on site. However, the city government also said that if the epidemic heats up, it will not rule out suspension.

Regarding the New Year’s Eve concert of Amei, which is of concern to the outside world, the Cultural Office of Taitung County stated that all concerts will be held as usual in accordance with the epidemic prevention measures of the Central Epidemic Command Center for large-scale events. People are requested to register on the Internet and register before entering the venue. Take your body temperature and wear a mask throughout; the county government is also coordinating with Amei’s team to strengthen epidemic prevention and ask the people to cooperate.

The Cultural Office stated that in order to prevent people from being overcrowded that night, close to the prairie area (rock area) where the stage is most likely to be crowded, the number of people will be controlled and the venue will no longer be open after 15,000 spectators enter. But fans in other regions can watch the show on 11 large screens including the stage.

In addition, the organizer will prepare 20,000 bottles of tea for fans at the Amei concert site to add moisture to the audience.

According to media reports, Mayday and Amei’s stages in Taoyuan and Taitung are currently being set up one after another. Regarding how to respond to the government’s latest anti-epidemic measures for large-scale events, Mayday’s Believe Music said yesterday: “It is still under discussion.”

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