Tanning: 21 foods that give you a tanned complexion naturally

So of course there are masks, creams and other products to give radiance to our face but as we know, the best way to have a fresh and luminous complexion the rest is to enjoy quality sleep, exercise and put the right foods on the plate. So to guarantee you a radiant complexion and even more golden skin next summer, here is a host of foods that will help you stimulate the production of melanin, the pigment that gives in particular that sublime tanned complexion that we love so much to wear. in summer.

These foods that give a perfect complexion!

In this idea, we will therefore like all the fruits and vegetables rich in beta-carotene, the egg yolk for its vitamin B6 and its Omega 3 and 6 which hydrate the skin and seafood because they are rich in selenium. , a antioxidant trace element playing a key role in several protective functions of the organism, in particular in the combats oxidative stress. As a reminder, if oxidation is an essential process for the proper functioning of cells, oxidative stress occurs when the body can no longer manage a large amount of free radicals. They cause premature degeneration of cells, especially in the skin. So now head to the local supermarket to restore all of her radiance, suppleness and firmness to her skin. For the shopping list, everything is in our slideshow.

Last thing we do not forget that cold water is also your best friend to have beautiful skin because it eliminates toxins and purifies the skin in depth.

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