Tax deductible FFP2 masks? In these cases it is feasible

FFP2 mask requirement

Since this week, a stricter mask requirement has been in effect for all of Germany: We have to wear FFP2 or surgical masks in all shops and in local transport. Since you can only wear the masks for a certain time, it will be expensive. Therefore, many are asking: Can I somehow deduct the FFP2 masks from tax?

FFP2 masks, which protect us and others from the coronavirus, are significantly more expensive than our previous simple fabric masks because they can be used much less often or only with a few tricks. Since the FFP2 mask is currently mandatory, we all have to wear such a mask in many areas of everyday life that we have to finance ourselves.

Such masks are not available on prescription. Hence, funding is a big issue for many. Because free masks are currently only given to a limited number of corona risk patients.

Therefore, the question arises as to whether this can be claimed for tax purposes. First of all, a distinction must be made between the masks that you also wear professionally and those that you wear more privately.

Do FFP2 masks tax deductible as medical expenses?

An FFP2 or other medical mask is available, not even for high-risk patients by prescription. The purchase of a mask therefore falls under private expenses if you also have to wear the mask privately in everyday life. As medical expenses in the sense of “extraordinary burdens” they are unfortunately not tax deductible.

That would only work if you could get a prescription or a prescription from your doctor. This would have to be issued before purchasing the medical device. But prescription masks are not (yet) available. We all have to buy these in online stores, supermarkets or pharmacies.

FFP2 mask by certificate for people with previous illnesses

The only exception: People with previous illnesses such as lung diseases could have their doctor confirm that mouth and nose protection would be essential in everyday life during the pandemic. Then you could declare the purchase of the masks for tax purposes by means of a certificate. It is not yet 100% certain, but the experts at assume that the tax authorities could recognize it.

Deduct the FFP2 mask as advertising expenses

Whether you can deduct a mask for tax purposes as advertising expenses depends on whether you use it for business or pleasure. The reasons for use overlap here. If you actually have to put them on at work and the employer demands this, then this could work, according to a tax expert.

One would then list the costs for the OP and FFP2 masks as expenses for the job under the advertising expenses. But you should know that you only benefit here if you exceed a certain value: You have to come to a flat rate of at least € 1,000 for advertising costs. This would be the case, for example, if one were to buy an expensive laptop or PC for work. With FFP2 masks alone you will not be able to achieve this benefit.

FFP2 mask requirement

Buy cheap FFP2 masks

The cheapest are currently certified masks in online retail. There you benefit from the volume discount if you buy several masks. But make sure that the mask has also been checked and not a fake. In addition, you have to wear them correctly, otherwise certain groups of people may have health problems.

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