The animals in people Pictures by Theo Hadiak can be seen at “Taschenmode Sabine Fischer”

Theo Hadiak loves depictions of animals and people. But her pictures are not about big feelings, passions or even dramatic accents: she cultivates an amusing, loving view of the world. “I see things in a humorous way,” admits the 78-year-old renowned artist from Schongau.

Peiting – Anyone who thinks that this perspective is not compatible with strong means of expression and large designs will be taught better when looking at your pictures: The colors there literally explode, they are full of luminosity and provide the motifs with a liveliness that contrasts with the supposed Harmlessness of the objects represented – often borrowed from the animal kingdom.

The snout of a sleeping dog is emblazoned in bright orange, there is a young guy lounging casually in a bright yellow, oversized armchair. An older woman with curly hair bends over to a bowl around which two cats with bright green fur are scurrying around in joyful anticipation.

One inevitably thinks of the pictures by the expressionist group of painters “The Blue Rider” around Franz Marc and Wassily Kandinsky, and in fact Hadiak feels particularly attached to these artists, whose creative field is only a stone’s throw away from Peiting. Except that with Hadiak cheerfulness predominates and allegorical designs do not play such a major role. It is more about “the animal in humans”, as she explains with a laugh. Or vice versa – about the human being in the animal.

Her colorful pictures can now be seen at “Taschenmode Sabine Fischer” in Peiting as part of the “Window Show” campaign, which runs until March 14th. Owner Sabine Fischer is happy: “This is a great thing that I am happy to support.” The campaign is currently transforming numerous Peiting shops into a pop-up gallery: 15 retailers and traders from the Peiting town center share their shop windows with high-quality art and give this gives regional artists the opportunity to present their works in a completely unfamiliar environment.

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