The best Poutine in the world is Breton!

Two Breton brothers living in Rennes obtained the title of best Poutine at the end of a competition. The recipe is already salivating!

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World cuisine is exported and reinvented in all countries. Poutine is no exception, it is a real institution in Quebec and two Breton brothers created a surprise by signing the best poutine in the world – however ranked outside of Canada. This iconic dish is worth its success with its marriage of fries, cheese and its special sauce. Generally quite generous, it is very popular with the French.

The best poutine in the world was crowned in Brittany

This Quebec specialty is entitled to its own Poutine Week competition. This international festival was able to determine the big winner from February 1 to 7, thanks to an online vote. On the occasion of this event, Camille and Nicolas Gaudin, at the head of the PoutineBros restaurant in Rennes, won the competition thanks to their “Sherbrooke” recipe. This recipe combines breaded chicken fillets, chorizo, Paris mushrooms (so Frenchy), all topped with a brown sauce and sprinkled with Quebec cheese curds.

Credit: poutinebros

The two brothers do it again since in 2016 they had already celebrated a first victory. In a press release, Nicolas Gaudin explained: “Poutine is an institution, and Poutine Week is THE gastronomic festival dedicated to recipes. The event has gained unparalleled enthusiasm for several years in Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, then worldwide since 2016 with the International category ”.

A second establishment dedicated to this Canadian cuisine had opened in Seine-et-Marne in 2020. No doubt this trophy will promise them other openings, if the current context improves. From now on, there are not only pancakes to savor among Bretons!

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